Test Cypionate: Subcutaneous vs Intramuscular?

Is there really a difference in absorption? I’ve had a couple of Dr’s say only intramuscular. I read an article on this site about the benefits of subcutaneous and lower hematocrit levels and other pluses.

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I personally saw my test levels go higher when I went from SubQ to shallow IM, even with a dosage reduction. Injection frequency or anything else did not change, just administration. Cannot answer to how it affected my hematocrit as I haven’t checked that for a while now. I want to say my E2 also dropped but not quite positive that it did affect it. I do feel better on shallow IM than I did for the 3 months I was on SubQ but that is probably due to higher levels achieved.

If it is the study I am thinking of, they also said Testosterone was higher. But if you look into it, the assumption was SubQ was easier to do, so they would inject twice a week, and IM would inject once. Blood tests taken at trough. The study was crap basically.

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Yep. The surface area of the depot changes, along with the amount of blood flow. So slower uptake that would balance over enough time, I imagine. We’re already using longer esters, no need to further slow things down even more, IMO