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Test Cypionate Still Good Past Expiration Date?

How long is a vial good for past the expiration date. I have a vial that expired on 1/20/20 and was wondering if I can still use it. Also are the branded products like Depo Testosterone by Pfizer better than the compounded test cypionate from Empower. Obviously the brands are more expensive but are they worth the price difference?

I am not saying you should use it, but I certainly would.

I might be a bit worried about crystallization and sterilization (a smaller concern compared to the former). I might heat it up in a shallow pan of boiling water for 10 minutes. That would remedy both of those concerns.

You may have lost a slight bit of potency, but I really doubt it would be significant. Test stays pretty well, and expiration dates on drugs in the US is super conservative.


I think if there is a pharmaceutical grade, don’t know if that’s a proper term, I would go with the pharmacy.
I use the generic depo made by perrigo.

If in usa goodrx has it pretty affordable

Appreciate it

It’ll stay good for a very long time. Years and years past expiration. At least in my experience.

Literally years. Expiration dates are for hospitals and exist because of the FDA. They have no resemblance to anything approaching a scientific method.

have been using mine from 2018 exp… no difference, from my end.

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Thanks for the replies