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Test Cypionate Milky

Okay so i am new to this forum, but i really need help if anyone has answers. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced a vial of testosterone turning a different color. I know most of you will say it crashed but i dont see any cyrstalization on the bottom, or in the solution. I attempted to heat it back up to get it to disolve back into itself, with no luck. Yes, it did stay clear for about 3-5 minutes, but then it reverted back to being a sort of milk color. Completely opaque. So, has my vial become contaminated with bacteria? Water? is it a form of crash? Any help is appreciated, thanks bros.

What is it suppost to be T cyp, E ?
Did you buy from some guy out of the trunk of his car?
As far as I know T should be clear.
Clowdy does not sound good. I would toss it and go get the guys who sold it to you.

it’s cyiponate, and naw it’s the real deal. I’ve used 3 other vials of the same brand with no issue and great results, this one for some reason turned this strange milky color but the other ones stayed clear the whole time. Yea, pretty sure its gone bad, pretty disappointing haha.

Could be bad, but most likely crashed. Try warming in hot water for a few minutes.

I mean, I tried warming it up and it fixed it for about 5 minutes, then about to milky. So I can’t really inject this I guess, it’s trash I suppose

Don’t take any chances. Dump it

A number of different things could be going on.

Check the top, is it fully intact? Wiggle it does it move? Milky almost sounds like moisture.

If something is off with the top it’s possible the BA evaporated out. The BA helps in keeping the solution although that is a secondary function.

Cypionate is one of the harder hormones to brew and hold. Go look up crashed testosterone and almost all of them will be cypionate. With it being UGL they would have made it with the bare minimum of solvents it needed to hold so something minor could make it crash. Did it get cold? Like in the fridge or in a cabinet when you were out of town this winter and didn’t have the heater on all the way?

You can try to bake it. Get just a needle not a syringe just a needle. Put it through the septum as a vent. The vent needs to be able to let the expanding air out as it heats. Then put it in the oven at about 250 f for 45 minutes. The plastic base of the needle is made from well I for the the name of it but it doesn’t melt until 300 something degrees. That should get it well heated and held at that heat for a time. It will also get any moisture out of it while killing possible bacteria. Test cypionate melts at or just above the boiling point of water so chances are when you heated it it was not hot enough or long enough. Also if your top is really well attached then it could actually be holding pressure causing the melting point to be higher, kind of like a cars radiator being pressurized so its boiling point is higher. Any chance you live at a higher elevation?

You probably introduced moisture to the vial somehow. Most like the gear is fine to use but if you can trash it without fucking your cycle up id probably suggest doing so.

Great reply and great tips! ill definitely give this a shot and report back. i have a feeling the vial will need to be trashed which will kinda fuck up my cycle but hey, better to try then to just give up, and also better to get rid of it then to hurt myself with an abscess. Ill give it a go. Thanks so much bro! i appreciate you all looking out for me

It would appear even after heating at your specifications, it still returned to the milky substance it was before. It was clear for about 30 minutes and slowly transitioned back. so i guess its time to cut my losses, something must have happened to it for it to become contaminated, so id imagine its unsafe to use. I do appreciate your response tho, definitely worth trying!

Yeah it’s crashing. Could be any number of things. If you happened to know someone that home brews you could get about 10cc of sterile filtered carrier oil and Dilute it.

If it is clearing up then it is dissolving into the oil and is able to hold at the higher temp but then as it cools it comes out. Not enough solvents for the concentration so a lower concentration could hold.

Thought I’d run that by you before you toss your hard earned money out.