Test Cypionate Infused With Anastrozole

Earlier this afternoon I received my first round of treatment meds and only to find out that my test is infused with the AI. I previously expressed to the doctor over video chat that I was interested in not taking the AI initially.

That is shit

God will provide. There has to be way to fix this…. Adding some type of estrogen cream it something to keep it balanced right?

The fisherman casts the line with a worm attached to the hook, the fish bites the worm not realizing he just got hooked line and sinker.

None of this is by accident.

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Funny as hell! Im gonna say that God has no love for his testicles to begin with, so No! God wont provide, God is testing him, and so far he is passing. OP, dont start your therapy yet. Send that shit back and demand T only or your money back, but do not open that vile! Im positive that God has a plan for you, and messing around is not it. Send that shit back!

I will have faith. All creation groans for the redemption of the Lord. All of this is the result of the fall of man in the garden. Jesus loves us and I don’t believe He would have put this burden on me. He didn’t promise to deliver us from the fire but He’s shown that He’ll be in the midst of it with us.

Patience is a virtue as some would say. Thanks for the advice on not taking the stuff they sent me! I won’t open it and will try to send it back for an exchange/refund as advised.

I’ll have to depend on the Lord and stick this wait out if I want to do TRT seeing as I’m not jumping into this cycle prematurely/unexpectedly but planning to learn ways to optimize and get dialed in on my protocol for the long haul which happens to not be defaulting to a “TRT Starter Kit” with an AI from the jump without knowing if I really even need one.

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Take charge of your own health and manage it properly or thou shalt make mistakes that have nothing to do with his Lordship. He gave you a big brain, so use it. Welcome to Tnation. Get on the phone and demand a solid standalone T protocol. This has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with assertiveness. Well its good to have faith, just not in whacky doctors that dont listen. Get a good one or learn to medicate yourself once you get the ball rolling.

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Perfectly said! I agree!

Update: I’m looking for a new hormone clinic (my bank is disputing the transaction) for TRT but in the mean time is SARMS a good option to boost Test and get to feeling better until I can get started.

P.S. There’s a local supplement shop here that have SARMS and papers on them.

S/N: I guess this infused Test Cyp is just a waste since they said they can’t take it back…


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No, cos they don’t boost test.

Well, if it were me, I’d hold onto it, and when I did my next blast knowing I’d need some AI at that time I would mix it in with test without any AI. But that’s getting ahead …


Thanks! Makes perfectly for sense!

i never looked at it that way. Nice save.

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