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Test Cypionate in Huge Vial

Hey…Have anyone ever seen test cyp sold in one big vial?I purchased a vial that has 4000mg(volume) in it.Concentration is 200mg of test.

It would be underground stuff. Easier to filter one 50ml vial by hand rather than 5 x 10mg vials. Even then most UGL still just do 10ml vials.
Probably okay and cheaper than buying in the same quantity in smaller vials.

The main problem using big vials is that by the time you’ve finished it, you’ve probably eroded a hole in the septa.

I would be very careful! The largest I have seen was 50 Mills, at 300 - 400 mg per mill, in generic form. That seems like an awful lot of test in One vile! Use caution! Was it a homebrew? And if so do you know the person?

Yes they get plenty of little holes from multiple withdrawls so it is a potential issue, but I haven’t found any problems so far in regard to wrecking the seal, and maintaining sterility.