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Test Cypionate First Cycle


Hey guys, I’m 24 BF 10-13% 6’2" 230lbs. Squat 475lbs Bench 275lbs Deadlift 555lbs. Been lifting for 9 years. I think I have worn out my newbie gains, because I’ve only put on 5lbs in the past year and strength gains have growth spurts but have been plateauing for the past year or so. I’m naturally a hard gainer, started lifting at 150lbs at 6’2" benching like 95lbs at 14 haha. Diet has been dialed in over the past few years with 40/40/20 eating above maintenance in the winter for hibernation and a little under during the summer.

However I’ve decide I’m going to go over to the dark side or the fun side haha. Gonna run a test only cycle to see how my body handles it. Here’s my plan laid out

Weeks 1-12 Test C every Monday/Thursday
Arimidex on deck in case estrogen gets crazy enough to where I can breast feed lol
Week 1-12 HCG 250iu twice a week (don’t know which days yet)
PCT week 14-18 Nolvadex 50 for first week then taper down.

Just was wondering if you guys have any advice? Also wondering on where I should keep my sodium levels at? Would it be better to keep them higher (4000mg a day) or lower (under 2000mg) for the purposes of water retention and hydration on cycle? Thanks


How many mg test , id worry more about water intake pct .


Sorry, forgot to add that in there. 500mg a week


I think nolvax 50 mg ed is way too much for regular pct,i would go 20mg or taper down by weeks
Good luck


20mg is not enough to stop aromatization rebound, best to be safe and use 50-45 first two weeks, and then 25/25 last two.


Sounds good thanks