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Test Cypionate Cycle


6'2" 180 lbs 36 year old 5 years training. 600 mg test cypionate a week 300 x 2...I want to run 16 weeks @ 600 then slow up to 300mg for 8 weeks then pct. Reason is I don't want to come off in the middle of the summer. Is this possible. Thanks everyone


what do you mean "is it possible?"

sure, it's possible. it's not a good idea, but it's possible.

a 24 week long cycle is generally not a good idea, unless you are already on TRT or using AAS is part of your livelihood.....


Thanks for the info. I'll just start pct at end of week 16 rather 14 to 18 days after week 16. I should have planned start date better. Have to say 5 weeks in and loving the mental stimulus along with the physical.


Thanks for the info. ..will follow advice and stick to 16 weeks. ..