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Test Cypionate, 1st Injection/1st Cycle


3 days ago i injected my first anabolic injection ever. I am on my first cycle, but i really dont feel any difference only abit pain on my injection site not red or swollen or anything like that first i thought i got a infection but no..

I only feel abit more pump on my workouts and not any results or anything..i am taking 250mg/1ml a week.. i am only 18 so i thought that would be enough.. When will i start to see som results and stuff like that?

best regards !


If this is not a troll post... Why would you expect results in 3 days? Do you think steroids are magic?


no but im not feeling that much of a difference like more pump in my workouts or things like that. But i wrote when will i see results? if u know please let me know!..


Depends if you frontloaded or not.


Dude... c'mon


The part about only being 18 and thinking that was enough made me laugh. I agree - troll or insanely stupid.


Go away.