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Test Cypinate Mixed with Transdermal Transporter?

I would rather IM my test, however, due to mistakes I have made since 2006, wrong needle length, and too many CC for one injection, and a blood clotting factor that is just a little bit too slow, I have lost all the Gluteus Sites and recently the left Deltoid to Hematoma and subsequent separation of the Muscle Fascia from the desired muscle to IM, and thus seepage now always occurs at that site, and swelling and pain because of that.

Too bad for me, I know, however I do not want to inject into the outer thigh, or chest or biceps either.
Too much can go wrong with that with the clotting time factor I have more could get messed up.

Can I mix my Oil Based perfectly good Legal Prescription Test Cypionate with a Transdermal skin Transporter and apply that to my skin for a good result? [I hope so]

What Transporter should I use ?
I heard DMSO is not the very best, because of it’s skin harshness and oder.
but I can not find too much written on this.


That won’t work if you intend to use it on cycling. It will work for TRT, but too much body area would be required to be covered for AAS use. You would have to bathe in the shit and even then it would be hit or miss.

Why don’t you just use insulin pins and inject into lean muscles or even subcutaneously?