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Test Cyp

I am coming off an injury. I lost 40lb in 28 days. I have put 20 back on. I am 175 lb and 26 years old. My doc put me on one half cc of test cyp a week. he stated my levels were at 340. will this be enough to give me results in the gym? will I see any gains from the dose perscribed to me or should I try to get more? Im not looking to get huge, but a some gains would be nice.

so your taking 100-125 mg’s test cyp every 7 days?

ya it is 50 ml, not sure on the mg amount but it sounds right. every 6 to 7 days

I’d try for at least 200mg’s a week then, or two injections a week at 1/2 cc

No you won’t see much in the way of gains there. Good Luck getting more

so where do you think I should be, not a problem getting it! if i upped it to 200mg a week, would that be enough?

Most is 200mg/ml. So you are on probably on 100mg/wk. That is a good starting point until other things indicate a need for more. 70% of the test cyp will convert to T. So that is 70mg/wk or 10mg/day, which happens to be what the average normal young male produces.

If you were able to maintain muscle before, then you may end up fine.

100mg/wk took me to close to 900. Some need much more, but many will respond well to 100mg/wk. You body sounds like it used to do well before on what was probably low T.

At your age, HCG does not sound like an option, you are too young to have your nuts shrink, perhaps in pain, and not have the option of having a family. Research indicates that 250iu of HCG SQ EOD will keep the nuts working properly.

With the HCG, your testes will be adding to the amount of T that you inject.

As you get going on this, the test cyp should give you a month of hyper libido for a month or so, in a few weeks. Most often this fades out as T aromatizes to produce higher levels of E which increase SHBG levels that soak up FT, and the E also competes with T to dock in the T receptors. You will probably retain nocturnal wood, but if morning wood fades out, then the E likely to blame. The levels of E can be hid-high normal but still mess you up. Do not let a doc treat your blood test levels, tell the doc whats happening and how you feel. “Normal” E levels can mess up your life. You will probably need an AI, aromatase inhibitor, such as arimidex/anastrozole to recover libido and to feel right.

Many find the spike in T from weekly injections followed by a drop to low levels before the next injection to be hell. Not at first, but the number of down days increases and for many the number of down days becomes 7. So watch for that. One can inject more than once a week if self injecting. As an extreme, I inject test cyp EOD. If you ever want to try that, PM me. You can use #29 .5" .5ml insulin syringes which are very comfortable.

Some of these negative aspects may be particular to old guys, but it is good to know what to look for as you start to understand how your body responds and feels.

Most say that 200mg’s a week is going to land you somewhere around the “high” natural test level. So if you are below average then of course, combined with the placebo, you are going to make gains.

IMO, 200mg’s a week isn’t much, but its going to give you what you are looking for.

What you could do is just go by how you feel. If you don’t think 100mg’s is doing anything for you then go to 200, but I honestly think from what you have stated (coming off an injury in which you sustained rapid weight loss) that your going to be making gains no matter what at this point.

thanks for all the advise. I dont expect to get huge, just put some mass on. If you have any other advise PM me. on workouts or anything. Thanks again.