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test cyp

I think I can get enough test cyp for a cycle and I already have nolvadex and arimidex to choose from for post cycle support. My question: what amount of cyp weekly would make a good first cycle and for how long (with these support products)


Arimidex isn’t for post cycle (usually); its for duing cycle to prevent aromatization. Clomid is for post cycle.

thanks, how should hte arimidex be taken ie dosages and timing?

0.5mg ED or 1mg EOD seems to be the most common. Some people do 1mg ED. Make sure to continue using it until you’re very sure the steroid has cleared your system. Test Cyp hangs around longer than one week. I’ve heard of guys stopped arimidex too early and developing gyno almost immediately.


How much of the cyp are you going to take? That might influence how much arimidex you are taking. Arimidex can alter LDL HDL ratios (if you are concerned about that) and it can be pricey if you don’t “need” to take that much. I guess it all depends on your cyp amount.

I was considering between 400 and 600mg pweek. I recently learned about sustanon and was considering that over cyp. I dont know if I can get it but it seems to be a more complete product. any comments?