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Test Cyp vs. Test Prop


I have done some research over test prop and test cyp, what is it that makes test cyp a batter choice for one who wants to shed some body fat over test prop? I just haven't read anything that says why its better. If you can point me in the direction to find out I would appreciate it!


It is actually the opposite. Prop is supposed to have less bloating than cyp. However, either can be used for cutting purposes if the training and mainly the diet are on point.


Thanks 2thepain I appreciate your input. I've read that with the proper diet that both can help with some fat loss, but wasn't sure which would be better and why. If anybody else has any ideas, please let me know!


Use of an AI during the cycle like Letro, Adex or Aromasin will also help to keep the bloat and water retention down, I forgot to mention that before. Just don't go overboard and lower your E too much.


Yeah, i've been researching this a lot and I know that will help with some of the sides.


it is all about injection frequency, if you can pin your self every day or every other day then you can do prop... if you want to pin yourself less than cyp is your better choice.


This is correct. It's about release time not bloat. Test is test and Prop to Cyp to Enanthate is about how fast or slowly it's released in your body. Prop fast release fast in terms of being gone so you have to inject every day or other day.



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