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Test Cyp vs Test Enan for HRT

Does it matter?

I’ve been on Test Enan since I started HRT. I inject 100ml twice a week - that dosage started last September.

I feel like I am about 75% of where I ought to be energy wise.

My last labs were in Feb:

Testosterone, Serum – 824 ng/dL-- range 24-827 (for my age I guess)
Estradiol-------------15 pg/ml—range 0-53
Free Test-------------25.6------range 7.2-24.0

Thyroid function is fine.

Many of you are on Test Cyp. Few t-nationers seem to be on Enan.

Is one “better” than the other? Am seeing the doctor this month and wondered if it was worth trying to switch.

I’ve read the drug descriptions but they aren’t telling me too much.

They are interchangeable.

E2=15 might be slowing you down.

That’s a very good number if you ask me.

The two would also be slightly different in that the 2 have a different half-life. Enanthate is around 10.5 days and Cypionate is 12 days so Cypionate would hang around slightly longer.

The E2 is probably up a little from 15 now, as I have backed of a little on the AI since then. New labs coming up in a week or two.

Thanks both of you for the replies. What the heck I may ask the doctor to switch me to the Test Cypionate and just see.

I should mention one thing since I posted here previously. I have seen on the net where Cypionate is given a 12 day half-life. According to a site that where information is approved by the FDA, Cypionate was only given an 8 day half life.

According to my Watson T-Cyp bottle, it says a half life of approximately 8 days.
Rob320, never trust the internet…

T-cyp half-life:

The half life of a single injection of T, administered presumeably to a ‘normal male’, as the time have T levels increase then drop to 1/2 of the peak, relative to baseline… means what for TRT? The info sheet also states that the levels of FT are used to determine the half-life.

“and the free testosterone concentration will determine its half-life.”

“The half-life of … injected IM is approximately eight days”

The action of the liver determines the half-life and there can be differences and and changes to the action of the liver, also from other demands placed on the same enzyme pathways from alcohol and drugs. Liver disease/aging is also part of the picture.

If one feels crappy at the end of the week when injecting once a week, injecting twice a week [or more] will change things a lot. The differences between the esters will be of a lesser effect. A trial, injecting more often, will be value for any individual. There is a difference between theory and individual experience.

If E2 is not controlled, the outcome can be poor from that alone and tyring other esters or injection frequencies will not provide good responses. In that case, the main problem is estrogen and only dealing with that will yield significant results. Elevated estrogen trumps everything.

Edit: I have also seen figures quoted for half-life that are obviously a confusion with the clearance time or a return to baseline time frame. Once that gets posted, others read it and pass on that misunderstanding.