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Test Cyp vs Test E?


I can get either one.

I was curious which one has the least amount of sides. Watered Retention, bloat, and oily skin I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Right now I’m on test cyp. I wasn’t able to be consistent with my injections and I am having bad sides. Really bad oily skin, left nipple sore, acne, etc.

I am curious if I switch it up willl that be better or worse?
What’s your opinion on the two different test?


Both are testosterone esters that are oil soluble. The oil is slowly absorbed and the T+esters when free molecules have the ester groups removed. The net effect is a time release bio-identical T delivery system. So all you are getting is testosterone, no difference.

T cyp and eth are mostly the same. Eth is processed a bit faster than cyp and yields a bit more T. So the two are interchangeable and your concern might be better off focused on cost and availability. The two have typically be in different oil bases, but the oils used are now much more variable than in the past.

You need to be careful about what you read on body building sites. The doses are very high and the potency is probably off too. The side are dose related and not a factor of what ester is used.

Your TRT dose should be near 100mg/week. Your sides may be dose related.
Your sore nipple is from elevated E2 and you need to manage E2 with anastrozole.

Your testes will probably be getting smaller and fertility can be at risk.

Please list your total protocol and other details [including time-line].
What are your goals/objectives?

You need lab work: -bare minimum

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