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Test Cyp Vials Expired 2015-2017, Still Safe?

I have a ton of 200mg depo test cyp vials that have expiration dates ranging from 2015-2017. I was wanting opinions on whether or not these would be safe now in 2020. All have been kept in a box in a cabinet since prescription. I can’t find a lot of info online about this so wanted to see if anyone has experience using out of date gear. Thanks in advance

Safe, yes. Same potency, probably not. Make sure there are not crystals or floaties in the vials.

EDIT: The safe part could be debatable. Safe as in it is still just TEST, but unsafe because you are can not be sure of the dosage you get.

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Thanks for the reply and the liquid is completely clean so I’m thinking it’s good but maybe someone has hands on experience lol

Expiration dates are very conservative but 3-5 years is well passed expiration. Personally I wouldn’t use it.

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It still should be safe. If you want to be sure you can refilter(watman filter) them into new sterile vials.

As for potentcy there probably won’t be much if any degrade.

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