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Test Cyp/Tren E Cycle

week 1-12 500mg/wk test cyp
week 1-10 200mg/wk tren e

pct nolva and clomid

keep arimidex on hand in case of gyno

there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on tren, sides, and ancillaries so im wondering if anyone can provide any input on also adding caber/bromo anywhere to this or keeping it on hand

Arimidex should be used the entire cycle since it uses alittle time to build up from what I’ve read.

ive seen the typical 0.5 mg/day but i know two people personally who have used tren and never touched the arimidex

[quote]gm09 wrote:
ive seen the typical 0.5 mg/day but i know two people personally who have used tren and never touched the arimidex[/quote]

Use it anyway.

If you want to do it right, do it right, if you want to listen to stories and wing it, be our guest.

Tren in no way affects the conversion of the test your injecting into estrogen.

500mg/week is not a level where EXCESSIVE aromatization will occur for most users, but there is NO reason these days not to run AI’s, ever, for anyone.

Everytime you use a aromatizing steroid at a non-replacement level dosage you run an AI, even AT a replacement level dosage you should use a small dose of AI for control purposes.

Recommend tren at 300-350mg/week on a first cycle with it, 200 will have a MARKED effect, but slightly higher dosing will provide significantly more benefit with a limited increase in sides at the dose…most of the time.

Either way start at 350, if its unbearable, drop it back slowly till you can run with it.

I recommend Tren Ace for this purpose, injected everyday, gives VERY stable blood levels which seems to help with alot of the sides.

Longer esters injected everyday would perform in the same way, but then you defeat the purpose of running a longer ester in the first place and might as well take advantage of the fast clearance of the shorter ester for PCT purposes, and not to mention it will kick faster, providing results sooner without a front load.

You will need a dopamine agonist.

If someone tells you the dosage is too low to worry about, or that you just need it “on hand”, they are wrong, simply as that.

Run Caber or prami at a low dosage the whole cycle and for a week or so into the PCT before SLOWLY tapering off.

There is a lot more things you should be doing, post you entire cycle plan, PCT plans, etc, injection schedule, etc.

just a note: this cycle is for a few months down the road, probably to begin in may

to clear a few things up, i had planned;
week 1-10 test cyp 500 mg/wk (250mg twice a week)
week 1-10 tren enth. 200mg/wk (100mg twice a week)
week 1-10 0.5mg/day ari (as per westclock’s advice)


week 11 nolva 20mg twice a day
week 12-15 nolva 20mg/d

i will also have clomid on hand.

this will be my second cycle ever, and my reason for choosing tren E over ace is that injecting everyday would be incredibly difficult for me due to work/travel.

ive heard many varying opinions on tren, some good, some bad. some people swear ace gives crazy sides, some people say E does. thats why i decided to go with a lower does.

i am in the process of reading up on caber/bromo. honestly i have heard very little about them and the people i know who have used tren before (3 of them) never used them. so i have to be honest, im not too familiar with them.

From everything I’ve been reading Tren A and E should have the same sides and yield the same results. The only side that seems to be somewhat avoidable/controllable is when it comes to “tren cough”:

"The culprit with Tren A regarding the is cough related to the immediate rise in prostaglandins, which will cause bronchial constriction and therefore a shortness of breath. The enanthate ester provides less of a sharp rise in prostaglandin levels and allows the body to adjust to the raise and therefore does not cause the bronchial constriction (as much) and as such… no dreaded cough.

Also, most people do not realize that the bronchial constriction never really leaves you while you use any form of Tren, and this is what causes the shortness of breath experienced by many users of Tren."

Estrogen is possitive for massgains, I would not use a AI if not needed.

If you get trouble with gyno, you just front the dosage 2 days, 4mg adex 2 firs days then down to 0.5mg ed, will help to get the bloodconcentration of the adex up in a short time.

Being that this would be a summer cycle, I could see how the arimidex would also keep water retention at a minimum, however when does lowering estrogen to a point of libido loss become a concern?

Did you wind up trying this?
I’m wondering what your results were.

I’m considering a very close cycle.
600mg test-C (300 2x a week)
Already use Arimidex, Semorelin & Hcg.

First time w ten-e. 200? (100 2x a week w t).

How’d it go?