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Test Cyp/ Tren Ace Cycle


Hi, I was looking for some advice and help planning an upcoming Cyp/Tren Ace cycle. I have been training for 8 years, (started with football and transitioned into pure BB training within the last 4 years).

Current stats...23 yrs old/ 215lbs / 14%BF... Current Lifts ( I dont max any more so these are rough est.) (Squat-480lbs / bench 350 lbs / deadLift 520lbs. My diet is somewhat dialed....6 meals a day 300g of protien 250g of carbs and 20g of fat, now that im in a lean gain I enjoy not haveing to keep up with every macro as I do when dieting so I make it a point to not know the exact number but instead a range. Lit days I sit around 2800 kclas and non lift days I drop to 1900 kcals/ Lift 5days per week and 30 mins of fasted morning cardio ED....

I have no previous cycle experience but i am currently full blown TRT lifer. I have been thru the whole HRT nightmare and came out on the other side with a doc who understands and is willing to work with me and my own research. So I consider myself luck lol, for awhile there I had done som much reasearch on the subject I knew more than the endocrinologist, sad. Any way Current TRT dose....300 mg Test Cream (20% Strength) / 2.9 Natural Thyroid / 1200 ius of HCG also have been taking 300mcg of GHRp-6 for the past year. My T lvls have finally normalized and weve got them stable at 950 to 1000...the thyroid is still lagging but is improving. I chose tren because it is more friendly to the ffb as far as water retention and fat gain are concerned. For my goals I wanted to gain the most lean mass I can without bloating up and without alot of fat gains

I dont have a specidic plan laid out yet but i wanted to to something like this: 250 Test CyP/500 tren per week...I was also looking into Ancils like caber, arimidex, something for hairloss and I want to have a gyno cure on hand in case of the progesteron issue occurs...also I was worrying about the prolactn issue aswell. On my current trt dose I am noticing some acne so If increase test I was wondering if more severe breakouts would occur....also with the current trt dose my E2 sits at 28 as the last blood test shows, I believe I respond well to ai but was unsure the dose and frequency

I am still in the research stage so ur advice and guidance will help alot thnx alot


No help for a newbie? lol

What do you want out of this cycle?


run at least 400mg of test cyp. 250 is too low imo


A lot of people do high tren low test and have less sides from it.

I personally like test too much to drop it, but 250 isn't too low.

Tren ace needs to be injected ED.. 50-75mg ED is what I would suggest.

For the AI, adex at .25mg eod is a good start. I see no reason you would need to bump it more with only 250mg test.


Why is 250mg/wk too low?


I told you in another thread. You should not be giving out advice at this point. You consistently give shitty information with zero explanation or reasoning. ANd it's obvious why you dont explain your recommendations. Becuase you read it somewhere else and dont understand it yourself.

Explain why 250 is too low.


I think you are taking that post a little too serious. I was not saying, DO NOT DO 250MG, its not enough. Simply I was recommending bumping the test up some. Obviously he will see more results from 400mg of test versus 250mg. Tren kills libido, so a slightly higher test will help with that. Also, I think I read in the stickies on this forum that test to tren ratio should be 1:.75 or 1:1. Wasn't trying to say it was wrong to run that little, but simply giving my opinion, that I personally would run higher test...


That's weird 'cause I haven't read that anywhere. Most people here run Tren/Test at a 2:1 ratio. That's what I'm doing for the time being too.

You're not going to be able to back-track out of this one, so chalk it up as a loss and move on. And most importantly- slow your role, player.


Actually I think i read that in the sticky in this forum...

edit: yep.

"(ED injections with Tren Ace or E3D injections with Enanthate help) but still there is a pretty long list of negatives. Duration of use and or dose should be limited. Typical dose is 37-100mg/d (dose is often 3/4 of the test base or an equal dose up to 100mg/d)"

So again, wasn't trying to be a know it all. Was just stating an opinion...


Thanks for the posts guys...
@Neo I was looking to really pack on some lean mass and change my physique, ever since I got my Test back in line my body has been gradually moving in that desired direction.. I never cheat on my diet lol I am one of those guys who would rather have a bowl of oatmeal over a pizza lol

AS for the test dose I think ill start with 250, because im not sure where my e2 will go(worried about gyno). I have anastrozole in the injetable form now , I have been using .20 mg one day a week put my e2 down to 20 ( a little to low) so I dont know,

With tren does do I need to worry about the progesteron issue and I was wondering the sama about the prolactin issue associated with tren???

I am excited to try it but I need to get a solid plan in place to follow
thnx for your help


Injectable anastrozole? Are you sure its not just a liquid oral?




If youre going to 'just state an opinion' you should make that explicitly clear and state your level of experience with the drugs youre talking about along with it.

That information is old.

Im sure you can source some info on drug ratios from 2001, doesnt mean it's still good.

Plain and simple, all that is ever needed in ANY cycle is a replacement level of DHT and estrogen. That can be had from hCG, dbol, or testosterone.

Obviously more drugs equals better gains, that doesnt need to be stated. Many people like the effects of tren 'by itself' and choose to only use a replacement dose of testosterone. 250mg is MORE than enough to achieve that effect.

Like I said, no one needs you to parrot information that you read somewhere. If you want to provide information that you think is relevant, it's better to just provide a link to the information and let the person decide it's validity.



If your only experience with this stuff is TRT you dont need to use tren yet.

Just run a substantial dose of Test, + your ORAL arimidex, + hCG (that you are already on; I think your dose is rather high but if your lab values are good then who am I to say, most people use 200iu 2-3 times a week though).

You have your TRT routine. Now just run 750mg of test for 8 weeks then drop the dose back down, gradually if you'd like back to your trt dose. Lower the AI accordingly.

Cycling is very simple for someone on TRT, no need to make it complicated right off the bat.


OK I think that is what I will do, I just recently obtianed T Enan enough for 750mg/wk and I will be using the oral arimidex .25 mg EOD and hcg the same...how can i tell if i need to increase or decrease my ai....what r the minor symptoms to look for b4 the major ones set in?


You shouldn't have any sides if you're running it right. If it's too high you can have vision issues. That happened to me and I had to lower my dose from .5mg/EOD to about .25mg/E3D.


Ok so im gona stay away from tren for now and go with 10 wks of 750 Test Enan...I am a little worried about the water retention issue....I am not pushing kcals to the max but I am running a lean gain diet right now 2700kclas lif days and around 200 kcals non lift days. I will be running Liquidex .25mg eod.

I am a little worried about the strength of the anastrozole research chem I have> I am curious to know if I should prolly go with something else....such as Altraz or liquidex or letro from another more reliable source?

I was wondering would proviron be a good idea to prevent water or is that even need.... I am a FFB and have some loose skin from those days and water retention does not look good on me lol so whatever I can do to keep it down or eliminate I will do.
Thnx for the help


What were your total and free t-levels at before a doc set you up with TRT?


with Test cycle only and a little AI i dont think you'll notice much of any water... some of your diet will also reflect your water weight change.

dont be afraid to get in 1 or 2 extra meals every day, AAS i've found have quite a profound effect at using the extra calories for solid gains rather quickly (as long as its not cheetos and fun-yuns, lol).

priority though is making sure you have ALL your PCT in hand before the first pin.


The OP is on TRT, hence no need for PCT.