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Test Cyp - Tbol Cycle Help!

Im going to make this short and sweet, when i was around 22 i had an extremely bad experience with a cycle, mainly due to my stupidity…but it scared me away from roids for 11 years, which tells you my age now. I was running test e with dbol, test 400 mg a week, dbol 30 mg a day…had no pct or ai on hand, starting experiencing gyno around week 4-5, couldnt get an ai, quit cold turkey, shit down natural test…took me 8-9 months to pull out of that rut.

Fast forward to now, 33, 5 foot 7, 240lb and feel ive reached my natural platue, roughly 25-30% bodyfat. I thought i reached the point were i wanted to jump back in the game, not looking to get freaky big but purchased test cyp, tbol, nolva, and aramosin…the trst was late getting to me unexpedectedly, just got it but i have been taking tbol for 5 days at 50 mg a day…ive decided to completely drop tbol…i am an extreme hypochondriac and after reading about liver toxicity i dont want to mentally put myself through the worry every day.

So my first cycle back will consist of test cyp only for 10 weeks at 300 mg a week, with nolva pct stsrting two weeks after last test shot…does 300 mg seem good for a first cycle back at 33?

The gold standard seems to be 500mg/wk but 300mg should still reap some decent mass. I have a hard time believing your are 5’7 240 and only 20% BF. No offense because if you are that’s massive and a ton of muscle. Kudos.

None taken, to be honest the body fat stat is from around a year ago, i have put on some weight since then, waist size 35.5-36, Thanks for the reponse, still deciding what mg to go with!


If it’s body composition, you should save the cycle for later, when your body fat is less. You’re likely to have E2 problems at your current composition, and frankly, you’d be better off dieting down rather than running a cycle.

If you are going to run a cycle, get blood tests first. Probably too late for that I’m guessing. I also think 300 is too low for any real benefit assuming your test levels are normal. You might just shut yourself down and get back to barely above normal levels with that dose. So if you insist on running a cycle, do 500mg a week with an AI.

I suspect you may not have your PCT sorted out yet and suggest you get that done now - get everything on hand well before you need it - HCG and nolva would be my suggestions.

Good luck.


Everything both of those guys said. Plus this: tbol, while hepatotoxic, is not that bad. If you’re healthy and don’t drink much your liver is probably in decent enough shape to handle a six week run of something like tbol. But you shouldn’t do it. Not because of the toxicity issue, but because it seems like you’re still trying to figure out what you want and what you can handle. I think you’re right to go with test only this time and see what you can make of it. Saving the tbol for another time is wise.

Thanks for the responses, i had a blood test run a few weeks ago, everything was good to go, however my test was 450 ng/dl which i thought was low, but the doc didnt think anything of it.

Mine was 170 when I started TRT. Depends on when it was taken - first thing in the morning, not great. End of day, not bad. The 450 that is. 170 sucks anytime.

Update - a few weeks ago i posted about a test cyp and tbol cycle, quit the tbol 10 days in at 50 mg a day…havent started test cyp yet, got a blood test done 2 days after quitting tbol my alt levels were 74 and ast was mid 50’s, both of which are considered elevated, was on liver cycle support as well. Just wanted to post to shed some light on “mild” toxicity of tbol, as which im sure most of you know. Will be getting follow up test in two weeks to see how levels are doing. Although i dont think this is incredibly high i have a high level of health anxiety which combined with abnormal test results doesn’t create a good recipe

A hard session of lifting will also elevate AST and ALT, so the timing of the test should be considered.

I have always wondered about how “just” tbol and anavar could be less toxic than other orals? I am not up on all the orals but from what I seem to recall they add the 17aa thing to the molecule and then it can survive the digestion process and make it through the liver. Maybe people seem to think they are less toxic because those two drugs tend to be taken in lower doses? Lower doses does mean less amount of toxic material in the body. Basically if the 17aa makes dbol X amount of toxic how can the 17aa attached to tbol be less toxic?

I know I have read about some orals having a methelation added but I always thought that was just another way of saying the 17aa addition. Are there two kinds of additions they add to oral compounds?

Update - the dr office called me back today to tell me my labs were normal, to which i responded did yall look at my liver enzyme levels, the nurse replied well i dont have your labs in front of me but the dr said everything was normal. Now i would think liver enzyme elevations would concern a dr, but i also let him know i was on oral anabolics? I would think at least a follow up would be in order.