Test Cyp, Symptom Help

Hey, I’m not new to testosterone cycles and I know about pct and hormonal imbalances, before I ask a question about my side effects this is what I’ve been running, I’m 31 yo white male, I run 1-200 mg injection of test cyp 2 times a week, and added in the last 2 weeks 100 mg of NPP 2 times a week, I’ve done it before successfully with minimal side effects, for some reason this time I’m having serious issues not sure if it is related to hormonal imbalances or adrenal gland malfunctions like too much cortisol but… after about 4 weeks I’m having waves of panic attacks, mainly at night and in the morning, super sensitivity to sound: almost like my senses are heightened for short periods of time which make me jump and panic for no reason, ringing in the ears 75% of the day, always high pitched, and hot face flushing that makes me feel like I have a tanning bed burn when I don’t, usually always at night, extreme boughts of fatigue where I will shake for 5 mins at a time and then it will go away; almost like an extreme drop in blood glucose levels, and an on again off again headache that is bowling ball feeling towards the back of my head, and a really sore neck for no reason… needless to say I’ve only experienced these symptoms one time before and that was last year when I didn’t use a proper post cycle therapy and got these symptoms 2 weeks after my last injection and they where extremely terrible but to my demise I was in jail at the time so there was no way to get blood work or see a decent doctor to see what specifically was going on, my question is, before seeing a doctor, does anyone one know specifically what’s going on or has experienced the same thing, thank you for taking the time to read.