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Test Cyp, Stuff at the Bottom of Vial. Possibly Crystals

So I have a few test cyp bottles and there’s stuff at the bottom of them . Possibly crystals. I’ve read up on how theses may crystalize so I heated it up in a cup of hot water and whatever it is dissolved back into the oil. Is this normal?

Hormone crashed. It happens sometimes, usually climate related. Should be fine once it’s been heated and the crystals dissolved.

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I’ve had this happen with Pharma Cypionate. Not to that extent but I had a wafer of Crystal’s in the bottle. I took it back to the pharmacy and they gave me a new bottle.

Ok, so I know it might not be too unusual for crystals to form in the bottom. But one of my bottles is completely turned to this substance. The entire thing. Theres no liquid oil anymore. Is this a problem?

You, my friend have a super saturated solution of hormones. The solvent can’t take the amt of solute in the substance, thus crystals form on the bottom. Heat it up to briefly increase the solvents ability to dissolve said solvent (hormone), however after a while (and yea temp can play a role) a precipitate (solvent solute can’t dissolve) will form again in the form of crystals.