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Test Cyp - Short Cycle?


Allright back from another holiday -lol

Have Cyp in my apt. for friggin ages now time to put it to use, not the compound of choice but my "guy" says that's all he can get for awhile.

I originally was looking at doing:
Wk 0-12: test cyp 500mg/week
Wk 12-20 test cyp @ 100mg/wk
Wk 0-20 0.5mg A-dex EOD
Wk 20-22 nothing.
Wk 22-26 nolvadex @ 20mg ED.

But from sending a Pm to the extremely knowledgable Mr. Roberts, he pointed out the following:

SSOooooo as that man has forgotton more than i will ever know about anabolics, i'm off in search of reducing the time length.

So here is another idea i have been throwing around my head, so here it is:

Long ass ester tests are not the best choice for a short cycle as explained above by Mr. Roberts, but if i can read right (ahem) they can work pretty well if one does a large front load.

So putting that into numbers:

Day 1:800mg

Day 3:400mg

Day 7:400mg

And continue on every 4th Day for 4-6 weeks.

Obviously i will need something to go with it, Cyp more than likely do it on it's own.

So with that i have the probable: Dianabol / Tren / Eq

So probable set up of each, while decidng which to run:

D-bol:50mg/day for 4-6 weeks. As it's a 17aa roid and pretty hard on my liver.

Tren: Day 1 200mg (front load) then 75mg/day for 4 weeks, at the end of tren run Nolva at 80mg on day one in divided doses followed by 40mg/day for a week and then 20mg/day for 3 more weeks.

Eq: Love this one, nothing to fix my appetite like this, though it will need a front load of which i cant really tell how much so any ideas ?

Thanks people.

Edit: From another kind soul not sure if he wants to be mentioned so i won't:

So there's Option 2


OK to start with you should know i ran a Cyp only cycle for my first ever test cycle a couple years back, and did 7 weeks with no frontload - it was very effective. FYI :wink:


I am going to ignore for the most part your cycle idea - as it is confusing.. so i will post what i'd do over 8-10 weeks with the compounds you mentioned.

If you used short esters such as prop/Ace with no yp or undec, then you could cut the PCT times down by a good 2 weeks at least IMO.. But lets work with what you have so far.

I will give an example of a 10 week cycle:

Wk1-8 Test Cyp 500mg (250mg 2x/wk, with 700mg shot on day 1)
Wk1-8 Eq 600mg/wk (300mg 2x/wk, with 900mg shot on day 1)
Wk3-10 Tren A 350mg/wk (50mg/day, with 100mg shot on day 1)
Wk5-10 Dbol 210mg/wk (30mg/day)
Wk11-14 SERM PCT.

Here you shoot the long esters twice a week, ample for the drugs you have. They are both frontloaded and stop 2 weeks before the PCT - i didn't run them to week 10 as the PCT would be delayed and would cut into the amount of cycles you can run per year.
The Eq is dosed high enough and frontloaded to be useful over the 8 weeks.. and if hunger is the main priority, a frontload would not be necessary - and nor would 600mg/wk in most.

The Tren is dosed a little lower than your choice - simply as it is used longer, if you wanted you could run it from wk1.

The Dbol is dosed lower as it too is used for a longer duration. IME 30mg is very effective and more comfortable for many than 50mg/day. The tren and Dbol are used alone for weeks 9+10 as they will be synergistic but also out of the system within 2 days allowing PCT to commence almost immediately.

This can be repeated every 20 weeks, allowing for 2.6 ten week cycles a year... If you took 3 weeks off everything after the PCT OR you chose an 8 week option instead (Test P), then you could run 3 cycles a year.

This is what i'd do with your gear.



Your a good man Brook ! Vastly under-appreciated person since others took a step back doing all the posting lol.

Greatly appreciated Sir !


That looks like a damn good cycle. Brook how do you rate EQ at say 400mg a week? For a bulker in the winter I was wondering what good it would do to add in the EQ on top of a hefty dose of test. Mainly looking for appetite increases.


I don't like it at all personally - but that's due to it not having any noticeable anabolic effects in one who is holding 'bulking fat'.

It does increase appetite, and looking back i realise it did in me too - but not of anything, more of icecream and sweets.
It also gave me shocking anxiety.