Test Cyp: Questions

2-3 Days post an Inner thigh Test Cyp 200MG (approx) (SYD Group) injection, I experienced almost debilitating pain in that area for close to a week. -

Is this normal for T.Cyp?

Tips or Enlightenment RE Test Cyp Usage?


Inner thigh!?

Please elaboarate where on the inner thigh.

I never have poked around on the inner thigh. Never even heard of that.


Pretty sure inner thigh is loaded with arteries. I hope you know this already…but roids are for muscular injection only. If you inject the inner thigh…which is loaded with veins and arteries…its dangerous cuz you could definately hit one by accident.

Inner Thigh, because I’m new, and basically had a stupid moment.

The essence of my question is whether anyone has any experience with excessive Pain with Test Cyp in ANY location.

Any feedback specifically RE Test Cyp & Injection Site pain? - (Pain that makes it difficult to walk)

I really appreciate the knowledge & feedback.



there are many factors that affect pain in an individual, such as :
individual tolerance of BA
individual tolerance of PAIN
brand of gear
concentrations of BA
excessive movement of the needle upon injecting

Lots of stuff can cause pain from an injection.


Thank You, and to all of you for your feedback.


[quote]syntheticMagic wrote:
Inner Thigh, because I’m new, and basically had a stupid moment.

Let this be a lesson to you. If you don’t know everything you need to know, don’t start your cycle.

Thanks for the tip.

I simply chose inner versus outer on the thigh…thinking thigh was thigh. Though still checked for vessel penetration.

Outside of that however, I am still seeking additional feedback on Testosterone Cypionate injection site pain experience, as I’ve found some information (though limited) supporting the ester causing injection site pain outside the norm. - Any validation on that by chance?