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Test Cyp - Prostate / Bladder Issues


I'm not a lifter or into fitness, but I need some guidence about TRT. I'm 38 and have been on Test Cyp HCG and Anastrozle for just over 2 years. Moods been good, dropped a ton of weight I was very pleased. More than likely I let my E2 get out of whack I have some light gyno but still need to drop another 25 lbs before its a big deal.

A few months ago I developed a UTI got that cleared up, but still had kidney burning sensations in my back. Got an ultra sound no kidney or bladder stones but my prostate is "prominent" and im not voiding everything. I've been occasonally pissing once at night but after the UTI it got up to 3 -4 times a night and every 80-90 minutes a day.

So I cut back to .8 test cyp from 1. Damn can I tell a difference in energy being super charged to this is the reason i got on to test in the first place.

I'm taking flowmax and saw palmetto that has be at one trip a night to the bathroom. Its like I have to keep my urine clear or I have burning in my bladder or kidneys. I also have this tight burning sensaton behind my belt buckle area.

I'm trying other prostate sups and looking into accupuncture.

Any advice or directions for relief. It as if my prostate is 30 years older than me and I need TRT to function.

Any help appreciated.


What are your T levels, DHT levels, and PSA levels like in your labs?


Cialis was originally developed as a BPH drug. Of course we all know the side benefits but I take it to help with any potential prostate issues. Can you get your hands on some?


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Estrogens are a bigger protate risk than T or DHT.

".8 test cyp from 1" is meaningless

Provide protocol in list format with dosing in mg's and iu's with timing.

Post labs with ranges in list format.

Prostatitis is a consideration at your age! You need repeated complete blood work and urinalysis.
General health nutrition should be on your radar.