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Test-Cyp / Primobolan


Not trying to hijack this post but, You seem to be up on this stuff could you take a look at my post and tell me what you think. Thanks

Anyone else that would like to give me their input please do.


I had a look mate but I’m not really too hot on bloodwork.

I’m not on TRT so I’ve never had to dial my hormones in like that.

@cycobushmaster can probably help


you need to post the before and after bloodwork to really figure it out… do you have it?


i think it might be to late to post, but for your cycle length i do not think primo will help much if any at all, primo is probably the safest of all AAS injectables, does put on lean mass but after long time running it, you wont see anything until like 12+ weeks in this is why most people do not even run it, its too expensive compared to the amount of time you have to be on it.


So you are in bodybuilding stage condition all year long, the type of conditioning for which bodybuilders typically need three to five months to prepare.



It shifts between 5-8% all year. Training 20 hours/week basketball included. 50/50 ratio.