Test-Cyp / Primobolan

Horrible cycle at those doses and length. Switch to test p at 300+ per week or test e or c at 400+ per week and minimum 10 weeks. For primo you won’t notice shit at less than 500-600 per week and maybe still won’t unless you run a test only cycle first and can then tell the difference. Save your money and skip the primo, seriously. And run the test higher.

^^^What Juggs said.

As far as recovery, by the time you hit 6 weeks of test - even at that low dose - you will be shutdown. If you want to try a true short cycle giving quicker recovery, then go 2-3 weeks on followed by 3-4 off (with first 2 weeks off being PCT), and do this for multiple short cycles. As for what you have outlined, go with what has been mentioned above. Either bump the primo up considerably or drop it completely. I know it’s pricey, but I personally like it a lot because of the lasting muscle gained. But that comes with a hefty price tag.

If this is your first cycle (and I suspect it is), just drop the primo and up the test. And no AI with this light cycle? The standard way of doing this is an AI basically anytime you are injecting test.

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What is you body fat%. I was told unless you are under 10% bf primobolan and anavar waste of money for a male. I would go with deca or eq instead. I bought pharmaceutical grade sust, from Italian pharmacy, 250mg a week, then added 200mg primobolan a week a month later noticed zilch difference after 6 weeks . Good thing in Greece it was only 1.85 a vial.

I’d use out so you don’t get it. I can’t understand why people won’t use it so it never happens… instead wait for it to happen.


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this is bad advice and these people are not your friends.

Side effects like gyno are MUCH harder to fix than they are to prevent, and once you have a gyno lump you’ll never get rid of it. If you’re lucky you can shrink it, but once it’s there it’s there.

Also, there is much more to high E than just gyno. It can fuck with you in a number of ways.


And I’m from Europe.


5.7% you qualify that stuff is expensive they said Arnold Schwarzenegger did like 1000mgs weekly.

Thank You Yogi, for insisting on proper health when on cycle. i’ll look for the Arimidex, and take it .25mg EOD.

Just don’t understand why nobody uses it in here, and nobody rom what I’ve heard has got the gyno.

What are the side effects, except gyno, you are personally most worried about?

Is it that people dont use it, because it can enhalt your gains?

My first cycle was back in '99, and I did a retarded amount of sustanon and deca with no AI and no PCT. Luckily, I recovered just fine and had no issues with gyno or any other side effects. I had heard of clomid and nolva at the time but didn’t really know how or when to use them - the few boards I could find back then didn’t really talk about it. I’m curious if AI’s were even used back then, I really don’t know. I make a point of using AIs now, since I’d rather not add tits onto my muscle gains.

My guess is some people don’t use AIs because they get away with it once, and figure they don’t ever need it.

Six weeks of essentially TRT levels of test with just a whiff of primo. Dude.


no, the “gains” it supposedly decreases are increases in bodyweight that come from holding loads of water because you’re bloated from high E

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cancer, high blood pressure, acne, libido problems, fat gain…


Blackmamba, we were all newbies once (I still am) and I have a feeling you stumbled upon the forum looking for information. Don’t get upset or anything, but I think you haven’t come across this thread yet:

Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning

Seriously, read it twice and check it out. Go to the start of the Pharma forum here and check out the stickies. Read them for a few days and then if you have any questions, ask away. It helped immensely with my first cycle back in October and it dispelled any fears and concerns I had.

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Thanks bro, really helped me out

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Not trying to hijack this post but, You seem to be up on this stuff could you take a look at my post and tell me what you think. Thanks

Anyone else that would like to give me their input please do.

I had a look mate but I’m not really too hot on bloodwork.

I’m not on TRT so I’ve never had to dial my hormones in like that.

@cycobushmaster can probably help

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you need to post the before and after bloodwork to really figure it out… do you have it?

i think it might be to late to post, but for your cycle length i do not think primo will help much if any at all, primo is probably the safest of all AAS injectables, does put on lean mass but after long time running it, you wont see anything until like 12+ weeks in this is why most people do not even run it, its too expensive compared to the amount of time you have to be on it.

So you are in bodybuilding stage condition all year long, the type of conditioning for which bodybuilders typically need three to five months to prepare.


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It shifts between 5-8% all year. Training 20 hours/week basketball included. 50/50 ratio.