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Test Cyp, Prima and Var Cycle - Help Needed

Hello everyone first of all my stats
I have been into gymming since last 4 years
My age is 32 and height is 5ft 11
weight is 170 lbs BF is 14.9 %
I recently started the following cycle
Test CYP 250 mg per week for 4 weeks then 500 mg/week for next 6 weeks
Primo 400 mg /week
Anavar 40 mg/week (for 8 weeks)

I have Arimidex,Nolvadex,Clomid and HCG in hand and also have some finasteride

this is my first week…wanted to know what dosage of arimidex should i run during the cycle to avoid gyno and bloat or is there no need to run Arimidex since i am running primo and var with the test

Also some PCT advise will be welcome since this is my first cycle

I already have all the gear in hand 20 ml test cyp(250 mg/ml)…40 ml primo and 200 tabs of Var(10 mg)


Why not just run an 8 week cycle at 500mg/week of cyp? You’re going to be shut down in the first 4 weeks and 250mg/week is more of an hrt level. Plus 8 weeks is easier to come back from than 10 although it wouldn’t be a gigantic difference.

How are you planning on running the HCG?
Check the stickies for the dosages of your serms and proper pct which you obviously should have had all panned out before you started your cycle.

Also, can’t believe I didnt see this before

5ft 11
weight is 170 lbs BF is 14.9 %

You have a looooooooott of natural growth potential left…

[quote]jewishthunder wrote:

5ft 11
weight is 170 lbs BF is 14.9 %

You have a looooooooott of natural growth potential left… [/quote]

@jewishthunder already started the cycle mate,will increase the test dosage from next week if you suggest so and will end it by 8 weeks,since i already have Primo & Var in hand will run that also.
I have the amount of serms needed for PCT,Different people are suggesting different doses so confused about the PCT and HCG

Please suggest me how to run the HCG during the cycle and in PCT ?
Also how much of arimidex to take during cycle to avoid Bloat and Gyno issues ?
Just finished the 1st week of the cycle but as suggested by you will shorten it to 8 weeks and from next week will bump up the test to 500 mg weekly

Thanks in advance

BUMP…Where are the Experts

[quote]dashingcarter wrote:
BUMP…Where are the Experts[/quote]

Spend a whopping half hour on here using the search engine, and answer your own questions, while maybe learning the things you should have prior to starting a cycle FFS.

Thanks buddy already searched and read the useful material.Ready to roll now

A little Update from my side…I am in week second of my cycle had the first shot of the 2nd week today.
250mg test cyp
200 mg prima
A little query from my side when will the compounds start to kick in, Until now i do not feel any difference apart from Quick recovery,though i have gained 2.6 kg weight in last 8 days


Guys urgent help is needed…My right side nipple is a little hard or sensitive so it could be early signs of Gyno…Please suggest what to do as i am shit scared…I am only into second week of my cycle

This is when it all goes down hill! Get use to being low T…


[quote]dashingcarter wrote:

I don’t know much about the topic, but one would be able to assume that at 32 years of age, you would be able to make a smart enough and informed decision before you went off and took a risk that could potentially change your health for the rest of your life.


While I normally don’t interfere with natural selection

Ramping the doses of long esters is pointless, it takes about 3 weeks to re-stabilize the levels. You should have frontloaded, not started off lower and ramped up. You don’t run hcg during PCT.

Unless your anavar isn’t really anavar I doubt you have gyno after a week with the doses you are using.

Read the first cycle sticky. It has all the PCT and I think even the hcg info you need.

You already did pretty much everything in a sub-optimal manner but you should still see some gains… granted they probably won’t be anything to write home about, and probably won’t hit hard until week 7 or so when the test gets to about it’s maximum saturation.

Second week isn’t too late to frontload. I would shoot 750mg test next shot, and from then on use 250mg twice a week, so 500 a week total after this week and just catch up on the frontload now.

AI use can be adjusted based on person need but start with .25mg adex EOD