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Test Cyp Only?

Hello all,

New member, first post.

Using Test Cyp only, due to cost of A.I. and HCG. May be able to add A.I. if can find a cheap generic source.

I’m 39 y/o; in October 2010 lab report showed 221ng/dl total test. Using Cyp since then, prescribed 100ml/once per week. My supply is pretty generous, so I’ve tried adjusting the dose (nothing too high), and have tried injecting twice per week.

While I feel and function better than I did pre-TRT, I can’t seem to find a sweet spot for a weekly dose – libido, etc. is unpredictable. Probably due to E2, which my lab reports don’t measure (I’m working on changing that).

Any thoughts? Is Test only a lost cause?

google “research chemical anastrozole”

Thanks, KSman.

[quote]KSman wrote:
google “research chemical anastrozole”[/quote]


Got some liquid anastrozole, started a 0.8 mg weekly dose 5 days ago. (I tend to overreact to everything, metabolically, so I pulled up short of the usual 1.0 mg dose to start.)

Question: How long does it take to “stabilize” E2 levels when starting up? I’m monitoring how I feel day-to-day but don’t want to adjust my dose prematurely.

Thank you for the help.

Ksman, I don’t understand why you would recommend anastrozole without any evidence or tests indicating that the OP has any problems with estrogens.

OP, you cannot adjust estrogen based on how you feel day to day. You will never stabilize.

How long did you wait each time until changing up the regimen?

You should give any regimen enough chance to start working before changing it up again. It takes the body several weeks’ time (at least) up to several months to adjust to changes in levels of testosterone or estrogen. For example, libido can take up to 6 weeks and erections up to 6 months to improve. If you keep adjusting dosages you will keep throwing off you body.

If one has elevated E2 and feels the effects, introducing AI can create significant effects in 7-10 days in ideal cases.

It take around 1 week for serum levels of anastrozole to level off, simple result of half life.

Most guys need an AI, others are the exception.

I talk about E2 management and dose correction that will modify the dose as needed.

If one has E2 levels near the target before TRT, TRT will take it above target.

If TRT with no E2 labs and libido is poor, its a pretty good bet that E2 is elevated. But there could be thyroid or adrenal problems that so not allow the body to support the increased/restored metabolic demands from TRT. We have to look at the whole package. But some guys arrive with half a deck.

Thanks all.

Seekonk, to clarify, I’m not adjusting the dose daily, just logging daily how things like libido, morning wood, etc., are doing.

I’ve been on the 0.8 mg/wk. regimen for about a week now. If I’m understanding correctly, I need to stay there for a few weeks to get an idea of baseline before adjusting up or down.

KSman, I see your point regarding half a deck. I would like to have a lot more lab result info, but I’m paying for everything (including labs) out-of-pocket, so I have to pick and choose what to spend money on. I’m hoping to find some sort of steady state with Test and Anastrozole.

Also, I’ve been on TRT (Testosterone Cypionate only) for years now, and have had time to try various dosing schemes for weeks or months at a stretch. Always hit crashes after a while, whether it was 100mg per week or up to 200mg, weekly injections or twice weekly…that’s why I decided to try AI.

I’m 51 recently started trt dr prescribed me 1mg anastrozole a week, 2 injections a week 200ml cyp and 7 supplements, I took the anastrozole per what the prescription bottle read 1a day, which was wrong, I did it this way for about 2weeks until I call the dr he said the bottle was wrong, I dont feel to bad a little anxiety, I stopped taking the ananastrozole 1week ago along with all supplements , the reason I stopped was I stopped getting an erection never had this issue before my E2 level starting trt was 36 , I am stumped and scheduled to go back in 8weeks I’m on my 7 week of injection which I continue to do but stopped everything else, what do you think I shoul do

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You need to flush the AI’s down the toilet, keep taking your T and give it 6 to 8 weeks.

How much are you injecting? 200mg? Your post says 200ml which obviously isn’t right. How many milligrams?

Also, start your own thread. There’s no reason to drag up 6+ year old ones.

What are the 7 supplements

Okay thanks I will , I inject 25cc Tuesday and Saturday TESTOSTERONE CYP 200 MG/ML OIL

25cc would be like several syringes full and be 5000mg of T.

I assume you mean 25 units, or 0.25cc, i.e. 50mg 2x a week, i.e 100mg per week? That’s on the low side dosage wise for most around here.

Your right it’s .25 this is what the bottle says:

Thanks for the reply I’m new to all this just trying to get dialed in

Got it. So the 200mg/ml is telling you the concentration. It means for every milliliter of liquid there’s 200mg of actual testosterone contained in it. Since you’re taking 0.25ml then 0.25 x 200 = 50mg per injection. We usually talk in terms of weekly dose so 50mg twice a week is 100mg a week.

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Side note…“Units” refers to a dose of insulin, not a volume in the syringe. .25cc is only 25 units when using U100 insulin. Not applicable to T and non insulin syringes won’t be labeled in units.


I don’t mean to be pedantic, but just so the newbies that read this are clear. It’s 200mg of testosterone cypionate per ml. Some of that is the ester that slows processing down. For test cypionate that’s about 32% of the total so you end up with 68mg of actual testosterone per .5ml
Propionate, enanthate, undeconoate, etc all have different weights and make up varying proportions of the medicine depending on that weight. All of them are listed as the test+ester not the amount of actual test unless you have test suspension, but nearly no one uses that for injecting.

It’s not real important but something I think everyone taking testosterone should at least know exists.