Test Cyp Only First Cycle + Lean Gains

I am about to start my first cycle ever.

I am 24 years old 6’1 190-197 pounds (fluctuates). Training for about 10 years, seriously training for 5.

I have vascularity in the upper arms and cleary defined abs at my current weight.

my question/concern is this; I’m at the point where I have no desire to bulk and get sloppy ever again. I understand water retention will happen but I want to be sure that I put on minimal fat. Any suggestions as to taking an approach to diet in order to stay lean while making gains and keeping them post cycle?

Whats wrogn with adding calories to your current diet?

As far as post cycle goes. You;ll have to eat at your new maintenance level after taking into account the new muscle

Haha, well that is obvious.

I sort of want to find the optimal point were I can get the maximal result from the AAS without getting sloppy.

Obviously, no one can tell me what will work for me, just looking for ANY insight.

AAS makes it easier to gain a good ratio of muscle to fat. Youre making it sound like the opposite.

If that avatar is you, you are plenty lean and shouldn’t worry about it. Don’t be a sloth, but at least eat at a rate that will maximize gains. Take an AI to minimize water retention if you want.

Yes the avatar is me. Perhaps I am a little over concerned. Thanks for the input guys