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Test Cyp Once/Wk or Twice/Wk?

[quote]bigpappa160 wrote:
It doesn’t matter if you do 4 shots of 50mg or 1 shot of 200mg it adds up to the same. [/quote]

Some peoples’ opinions are based more on fact and grounded in reality than others…

and by that VT means that bigpappa himself may be just fine with injections once a week, but other people such as myself start crashing on day 3 and have to inject every other day in order to maintain stable hormone levels and so blanket statements offered by a new poster should be considered as one opinion (as bigpappa himself pointed out in his post).

I would also be willing to bet $100 that if bigpappa took a blood test on day 2 and a blood test on day 7 on his injection cycle that his T level on day 7 would be no more than 50% of his day 2 level (per I believe the actual medical literature from the drug manufacturers themselves). i.e. 1400 on Day 2, and 500 on Day 7 (if he is lucky, more than likely day 7 is like 200-300).

Now he may not be feeling the swings, but common sense tells us that much of a swing must be putting some strain on his system and it is just a matter of how long the rest of his system can cope before new symptoms/problems start popping up (or petering out as the case might be).

Experience and input (opinions) from countless other people/posters has shown that injection E3D is best practice for most (per the lengthy sometimes disjointed Injections Sticky thread).

is it great injecting that frequently? no, but the benefits far outweigh the number of injections.

Everyones advice and opinions is greatly appreciated. I am new to here and to forums altogether. No offense VT, I felt like you were annoyed with my questions right off the get. which you probably were. If I heard the same question from 1ooo new guys i probably would be too. Hell, I just figured out what a stickey was from my son the other day. This is my problem it isn’t easy to hear from any doc you have low test and you have to take injections the rest of your life. I damn sure wasn’t expecting to here that. When my doc originally put me on test cyp he started me on 200 mg biweekly. when i told him i crashed by day 8 or 9 is when he switched it up to 200 mg 1x a week. Hell since i started this in the beginning of this month I haven’t had a steady dose.

I apologize for the dumb or basic questions but when you get thrown this stuff and are told stick yourself once a week but you here others say do it this way or that way it will confuse the hell out of you. I’m trying to do alot of research myself to educate myself . I was also trying to learn as much and ask as many questions as i can so I don’t screw myself up. I apologize if i offended anybody i’m am just very frustrated in what dosage is right for me.

[quote]bigpappa160 wrote:
My thing is if you giving yourself shots or the sensations of needles going into your body that freguent do the 2 shots a week deal, but me I would just do the 1 shot a week of 200mg. It doesn’t matter if you do 4 shots of 50mg or 1 shot of 200mg it adds up to the same. But like I said if you like getting stuck that many times go for it.[/quote]

By your logic a single 800mg injection once a month would be the same thing as well. If you really hate sticking yourself that much why don’t you try that…

Everybody metabolizes testosterone at slightly different rates. The quicker your body uses it up then the lower your blood levels and the sooner you crash. Some people can go over a week on 1 shot of cypionate. I can and it looks like you can as well. Some of the guys here can’t and need to spread their dosage out to avoid crashing and feeling like shit.


Your doc may have mistakenly wrote the script for you to take 200mg a week. It sounds like he should have written it for 100mg a week since you were asking for more frequent injections instead of the 200mg biweekly you were on. I would call his/her office and ask that question for clarification. Then do what he/she says.

Now hypothetically if your doctor died last night and can’t answer the question…based on what you have told us I would say inject 100mg once a week and see how you like it compared to 200mg every two weeks. I inject once a week and yes I notice a drop in levels toward the end of the week but I still feel pretty damn good and it’s more convenient than twice a week. If you feel the drop off at 8 days (while on biweekly shots) try weekly injections and see how it goes. Just give it time to work and your body to stabilize before you change your dosing schedule again.

Good luck!

I inject 3x a week, 30mg on M, 30mg on W and 40mg on Fri. Although we just bumped my dose to 120mg a week so I will go to 40-40-40. I use a 29g, 1/2" .5ml syringe and inject at night around 7-8 usually as mornings are chaotic with kids/school etc.

Thanks, I founded someone’s schedule. Monday and Wednesday morning and Friday evening. He said that he did it to help with the anxiety of the semi heightened peak. I have the same problem so sounds reasonable.

Ideally you would want to inject 3 times a week, 2 times minimum. I was being treated once a week at 200 to 220 and my numbers were worse than before starting.

Read my post : Injection Frequency is So Critical (Results)

Hope this helps.

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How do you fill your syringe? Do you use a 22g to fill then switch to 29g? What is a good source for syringes and needles?

Directly load #29 1/2" 0.5ml.
It takes time. I hang syringe from vial supported by something, someone used a tooth brush holder.

Walmart/Sam’s “ReLion” house brand ~$14 per 100 in USA. No Rx needed in many USA CDN jurisdictions.

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Hey I have thoroughly read the stickies and posted details of my own results. I am just beginning TRT , would it be wise to follow docs instructions @ once a week of 100mg test? I brought up splitting it but he said it isnt an issue as it has a 72hr half life (it is test enanthate )

But the spike from twice the amount is still there. Many suffer from dropping T at the end of the week. With changing T levels, the competitive drug anastrozole cannot be close to matching the T moving target. Too many aspects that I am not going to address here.

What is fine and what is optimal is very different, I was fine injecting twice weekly but libido erections were hit and miss for first 6 months, injecting EOD brought about consistency in erections and libido since the T spikes and lows were minimized. Some guys are sensitive to these T spikes that translates into mood swings and inconsistent symptom relief, low SHBG guys will notice this on average a bit more so than a guy mid-high SHBG guy.

If you’re don’t have a AI prescribed multiple shots with lower T spikes therefore lowering E2 spikes, guys feel better when E2 is 20-30pg/mL. When a guy has excellent T levels and doesn’t feel good it’s always high E2 that make a guy on TRT feel like he’s hypogonadal again.

I go back-and-forth on this – and have great results both ways. Just recently I switched to pinning once per week due to traveling and not wanting to take any stuff with me. I can’t really notice any difference other than I am a little bit amped the day of injection but I don’t feel any worse towards the end of the week either. If I pin once per week I will also use HCG 2 days and 1 day before the test injection - everything is done sub q including the Test.