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Test Cyp Once/Wk or Twice/Wk?


Hope everyone is well. I am a new member to T Nation and 1 month new to trt. My question is The doc has me on 200 mg biweekly injection but i'm getting confused with all i'm reading 1. would I be better taking 200 mg one time a week or two times a week to equal 200 mg and also would my levels get a little higher doing a weekly regimen or 1 bi weekly injection like i'm doing now. All help is greatly appreciated.


Most find that they respond better on 50mg Every Three Days (E3D).

All of the evidence shows that weekly or biweekly injections cause huge swings in hormone levels. why subject yourself to that when you can keep your levels within a 100-200 range window by injecting smaller doses more frequently.


Most folks here inject twice a week (or even E3D). 100mg/wk is the "standard" starting dosage. So that means 50mg twice a week, for a total of 100mg/wk. The once weekly or gasp once every two weeks is bullshit. You will be on a serious rollercoaster ride of feeling good for a few days, then crashing. Plays hell with T>E2 conversion as well, which compounds the bad feeling. Have you read all the stickies?


How much have you been reading here to get confused about?


Finding that link, which is the 3rd stickey down at the top of the homepage, only took me roughly 5 seconds of my time and 2 mouseclicks...


Twice a week works great for me. My mood is very stable and my free T stays at 800+ according to my labs (drawn when I'm due for a shot.) I've never been compelled to try E3d or any other more frequent schedule since 2x/wk works well for me and is easy to follow.


I just came back from the doc office and I told him on the 200 mg biweekly was making me crash around day 8 or 9. so he wrote another script for 200 mg once a week. any ideas how i should take this once of 200mg or 2 injections of 100 mg apiece?


was already answered:

Why are you expecting to be spoon fed everything?


I appreciate everyones help and input. Vtballa34 i thank you for leading me to the injection stickey but all ive noticed is that you have been criticizing all the questions I have asked.I'm not expecting to be spoon fed but I came to this web site probably like alot of other people to get help from people who are alot more experienced in dosages and all around information. I'm on here to learn more about it, i'm not wanting to cycle i'm on test because i have low test. I merely wanted to know a safer way of taking test with the dosage my doc put me on other than biweekly because i was crashing before my next injection. I don't know if 200 mg is too much weekly as alot of people say here alot of doctors don't know what they are talking about.

For everyone that gave me input ---THANK YOU. Vtballa you seem very experinced on this site but if you get that annoyed by people asking questions then maybe you shouldn't answer their posts. Like I said thanks for leading me to the stickey but if your going critize my post then please don't even respond.


Oh yeah, I forgot these:

Are you just looking for someone to tell you to inject once a week, consdiering how 100% of the posters in your thread have already answered your question?


Thanks for everyones input. As for Vtballa I thank you for leading me to the injection stickey but as i stated I am new here and trying to learn where to look for info . I am not experienced in using forums. I came to this site to get information probably like many others to learn and get adviced from others who are experinced. I was just trying to find out if the dosage my doctor put me on was right or how i should do the dosage of 200 mg of test cyp in a week. I'm not someone who is taking test to get big or to cycle with something else I'm on test because I have low test and if I have to use it why not try to take alitte advantage of it but the safe and right way.

As I said thanks for leading me to the stickey you seem very experienced on this site but if you are going to critize me, do me a big favor and don't even respond or attempt to answer any questions I have. I'm not trying to be a prick but I'm sure there are plenty of people here that would be willing to help without being condescending about it. You are the only one who replied to my thread that didn't have any advice.


So what im gathering then since my doc put me on 200 mg a week. Then I should do 100 mg twice a week or just do 50mgs twice a week to equal 100 mg?


So if my doc put me on 200 mgs once a week should i break that up into 100 mg twice a week or should just stick with 50 mg twice a week to equal 100 mg?


your doctor is an idiot, but it is completely up to you if you want to follow his advice.

we have given you our suggestions based on the limited information you provided.

have you read through all of the sticky threads at the top of this forum? have you read through any of the other discussions?


OP let me offer some insight. at first i used the wrong needle and injected in the glutes. while i didn't

think it would matter, later it did.and since have changed needles to 27g. i was injecting 1xtime a weeks

starting mar 20 and last the weekly shot may 2. the 1st weeks were good including morning wood and mild

euphoria. by the end of the fifth week i notice i was comming down light and thought it would get better

and it didnt. i thought i was ok and by the end of the 6th i realized i was crashing and that i noted the

begining crash would begin on the 4th or 5th day and would turn into a long downward spike

that became longer and worse.by the 10th starting shot was changed to 2 weekly shots, and

now as the 3rd week of 2 wkly shots have improved as morning wood has returned and general

well being has returned. although i have been on adex without a blood test the dex seems to

be working and should have results first thing monday may 23 to confrim high estradiol. and

purechance has suggested that i maybe a superexscreetor meaning my liver is doing it's job

too well and will know with further bloodwork, again monday. hope this helps and listen to

people like purechance, ksman, vtballa, and others as they offer valuable insights and

solid info as the stickies show. keep reading and paying attention and you will get better.



Your doc should order labs 4-6 weeks after your first shot in order to confirm the dosage. I would recommend staying on 200mg/wk (yes, divided into twice-weekly shots) until then. There's no sound reason to change the dose until you have labs to show you where you're at. Some men need 100mg/wk or even less to stay in the 800-1000 range, others need 200 (I'm one of them.) You have to adjust as you go.


Thanks to everyone


for someone brand new to TRT, a starting dose of 200mg a week is insane. If you slowly have to work up to 200mg after all of your other systems are balanced, so be it. but to start at 200mg right out the gate really is crazy. you are guaranteeing estradiol problems, putting incredible strain on your cortisol, and throwing off your other systems completely.



Let me make sure I understand this. Your doctor had originally prescribed a single 200mg injection once every two weeks, and has now changed your prescription to a single 200mg injection every week. Now you are wanting our help on what injection amount/frequency you should use, correct?

The standard dose recommended here is 50mg two times a week for 100mg a week total. That is half the amount of your current (200mg/week) prescription. If you are not doing anything for estrogen then going straight to the 200mg/week will probably just cause problems.

Also, find a doctor that is less of a crackpot.


That's nice. We know you are taking test to fix low testosterone and not to get HUUUGE. The distinction is made when you post in the TRT forum instead of the Steroid forum.

VT is simply expressing the frustration felt by many members of this board when people come in and ask very basic questions that have been answered a few thousand times. I don't know if you are new to T-Nation of forums in general, but read this...

...then throw these search phrases into google and read up.

TRT dosage site:T-Nation.com

TRT injection site:T-Nation.com

The whole reading/learning phase might last a while. For instance, have a look at my join date. I started here in June 2005.




Jayd1272, You have to understand that when you ask a question on a forum you are going to get someones opinion which is like buttholes everyone has one. Just understand one person's body is going to react different than another person's body.

Also I am understanding that your doc has you on Testosterone 200mg taking 200mg a week because you were crashing about 8th or 9th day on your last prescription and you are wanting to know if you should take 1 shot a week of 200mg or 2 shots a week to equal 200mg.

Here's "MY" "OPINION", your doc should have went over this with you and you should have ask the question to him, but you came here for advice or peoples opinion's. Here's the thing alot of people says to do little dosage over the week so you have a consistant amount of test.

My thing is if you giving yourself shots or the sensations of needles going into your body that freguent do the 2 shots a week deal, but me I would just do the 1 shot a week of 200mg. It doesn't matter if you do 4 shots of 50mg or 1 shot of 200mg it adds up to the same. But like I said if you like getting stuck that many times go for it.

Me myself i'm on TEST 250, and I take 1 shot every week and that works for me. But just like I said up top 1 person's body is going to react different form someone else's and what you read is my "OPINION".