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Test Cyp, Mast P, Winny - 2nd Cycle

My first cycle went well I did test propionate only for 8 weeks added winstrol last 4 weeks
Weeks 1-8 test prop 100mg EOD
Weeks 4-8 winstrol 30 mgs ED
Found great results
It was about 2 months an half ago
I’m planning to start my second cycle
Of TEST CYPIONATE - 250 mgs twice a week
Masteron prop 100 mgs EOD
And winstrol last 5 weeks of cycle at 50 mgs
Time of cycle 10 weeks since my first one was 8 with minimal side effects.
Stats : 180 lbs
Bf: 12 %
Diet : 2200 cals % / 40C/45P/15F
Training: 2 muscles a day chest bi / back tri etc

This is a heavy cycle for a 2nd cycle. You’re running 850mgs of gear/wk, 1200 with the winny (AND winny, being pure hormone equates to about 500mg test cyp/wk…)

My second cycle was 250mg/wk of test