Test Cyp Help

I’m doing 600mg per week for 10 weeks of testosterone cyp. This is my first cycle so i have no idea how to tell if it is fake or not… I did my first injection on monday 300mg. I have recently discovered it is not legitimate test cyp.

Needless to say I am disappointed. My main concern is if i should continue using the test, or stop?

I have posted everywhere else and no one is giving me a direct answer of what i should do!

Well how do you know it’s fake? What was told to you that makes you think it’s not real?

Will if you discovered it is for definite fake, whay are you even asking te question? Dont use it? Ayour statement makes it sound like there is no question about it being fake or not which makes your question somewhat moot.

Stick the vial in the fridge, if crystals form it is 99.9% real. You will have to heat the bottle back up in warm water and dissipate the crystals before using it again, but that is the fastest way I know to check if it’s real.