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Test Cyp for What?


I'm a smaller guy, 5'6" 160lbs @ 10%bf. My buddy told me about a vitality doctor to go see so I did. He prescribed me 200mg of test cyp once a week. He also put me on astanzole/HCG in troch under the tongue every 3 days. His main point to to elevate test levels to when I was 18. He also said the astanzole will keep test higher and HCG to get cut up.

The great thing is this only cost me $8.00 because I use my insurance. My question is can I put on any size and gain strength off of this regime? If I do multiple shots a week I'll run out before my prescription can be filled again so I'd be screwed from that end. I have another script for Androl gel 1.62% from another doctor. Can I do one shot a week and just use Androl everyday to up the levels?

Any info or direction would be great.


8 bucks for HG test cyp and adex, very nice..

well the hcg won't help much.. but the cyp and adex certainly will. you can always buy more from a UG and use it to up your dose if you want

androgel won't be too effective


Agreed. Androgel is garbage.

When my Doc first put me on Cyp, 200mg a week, I gained a noticeable amount of size. Granted I'm a smaller guy anyway, but when it came time for blood work after 3 months, my levels were sky high, 1400, and I had put on roughly 15lbs. My training didn't change, eating did a bit, hungrier due to the increase in T, so i was pretty happy about that. I've been maintaining what I "gained" for 2 years now at 200mg a week. So yes, it can work for you, at least it did for me.


How would you think 500 a week would work?


Better than 200 a week.. lol


I am considering that but I also might go with a 250 to start off... partly because I am cheap LOL


too cheap to buy 500mg/week worth of test?

what do you spend money on?


You shouldn't be cheap when it comes to things getting injected into your body!


A 1 year old and a 3 year old...


Not cheap in the sense that I want to put garbage in my body... cheap in the sense that I would go at a lesser dosage for a longer time... same amount, same price but last longer...


That being said I am most likely going to start off with 500... I have been looking at doing this for a while, just want to get it right if I am going to do it... Now I am looing at pct because I am pretty much lost with that stuff...


perhaps aas is best saved for your next life


Put some of that money in their college fund. Save on lesser dose or don't do a dose until they are out of high school. It will be upon you in the blink of an eye. Baby daddy be a man.

Nobody but you can decide the right path.

You're shutting down natural production at a young age and the rewards are less compared to what can befall your hormone balance. That's the point everyone is trying to make with low amount vs. standard 500mg/week.

You have time to save money and do this right when your hormones are dropping off in years to come.


Or when I get back to working again...


They do have college funds... I do what I gotta do, money has been tight... But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am making some plans for what I want to do fitness wise when I get a little extra money to play with... I'm looking to end the year on a cycle so I have a little time... I'll be 27 at that time...


We're countin on you bro.