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Test Cyp + EQ Progress


Hey all -

I posted here about 7 weeks ago about starting a cyp + eq cycle for 10 weeks and I thought I would post progress.

So far all is going very well. I am on 500 cyp and 500 eq each saturday morning I take a glute shot.

Started around 212lbs up to about 223 now. Not an ounce of acne (and I am generally prone to it)

Bench was about 335 and I put up 385 no problem yesterday. Not all that much bloat but some.

Workin on legs but I am not a leg guy (never really was) But deep squats are about 245 now for sets of 8. Stiff leg dead lifts are now 225 for 8 up from 165.

So all in all I am pretty happy and recommend this stack. Hopefully it will get even better with my remaining 3-4 weeks left.


Be proactive in regards to post cycle acne.


like myself and alot of guys I know. acne problems usually occur while after ur cycle due to the rebound effect of your hormones. imo peace out


Good news Albacore. I see you went with the 500 split. That extra 100mgs a week is a good thing, huh?

Lift Heavy,



i thought u where to take eq every other day?


It all depends on the mg per ml. Manufacturers are making some EQ up to 500 mg per ml. That means one shot per week depending on the person.



Yes mine is 500ml per cc so I only take one per week as I do with the cyp (but 2 cc's)

It seems a bit more stealth then enath or other cycles I have been on.

But I am starting to get bigger now and stronger.


how do u train?


I train pretty hard.

Chest Mon
Arms Tues
Back Wed
Legs Thurs
Shoulder Fri
As, forearm, lower back Sat or Sun

3-4 excercises per body part. Usually 5x5 or some variety of that for the main muscles. And usually pyramids for the smaller ones.

Yesterday I did Chest and did 5x5 flat bench, 10-8-6 incline, and 8-8-8 decline

Put up 325 for the 5x5 which was awesome for me considering 6 weeks ago I did the set with 275!


Damn you train your arms a lot, haha but shit if its workin for ya, rock on. hope the remainder of your cycle goes well.




Well I have started to plateau a bit.

I barely put up 395 on bench this past week. Squats aren't really moving at all (but i never really did legs too much before)

I am about a week maybe 2 out from being done with the cycle. Overall I am pretty happy but I think I acheived the same goal on a 500mg/week test enathate cycle last time.

Not sure the EQ did anything for me at all.


you're mostly talking about strength increases and gym numbers etc....what about your body composition? how did it change?


Body comp didn't change much at all. In fact I think I put a little bit of BF on with this cycle.

I gained a good 15 lbs or so but nothing huge.

Size of muscles grew but not noticeably. It was mostly all seen in strength increase.


next time run something to counter the estrogen buildup. like femera eod. it will head off estrogen sides like bodyfat, bloat, etc.


Maybe train legs with a split over 2 days. Ham days / Quad days. Your legs will go through the roof and you wont lose any strength elsewhere.


You may consider running the EQ for 12 weeks or longer. I find that I get more out of EQ if I run it for a longer duration than 10 weeks at least extend EQ untill the Cip is out of your system. Everyone is different but I would not consider it. Thats my 2cc's get some other opinions. Good luck bro.

Do you know for sure if it is BF you gained or water retention. You may want to throw in some Adex.


I've got the end of my EQ/Test Cyp cycle to think about.

Can I run Test right up to 12 weeks with the EQ?
If not how do I finish it off?


How long have you been running your Cycle of Test & EQ?

How much of them are you taking?

What have been your results with respect to strength increase? (Dramatic? Noticable? etc..)



Dude your running your arms into the ground. I wouldnt EVER set aside a day to waste training your arms. If your lifting right, you wont need to. Your tri's should be getting blasted on chest and shoulder day. Your bi's should be getting blasted on back day. Shit, istead of doing arms on tue, I would do a bunch of olympic movements on tue. You could do chest mon, and power clean, deadlift, snatch on tue. I'd take wensday off, then do shoulders on thur and legs on fri.

Just some ideas to throw out there thats all.