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Test Cyp/EQ/DBol/Test Prop/Winstrol 12 Week Cycle


Getting ready to start my 2nd cycle my main goal is I wanna pack some quality size while still finishing up nice and lean/vascular!

This is the Novice Cycle #2-3 listed on the Steroid website with my own slight modifcation
Week 1 - 4 50mg Dianabol ED
Week 1 - 8 600mg Test Cypionate
Week 1 - 10 400mg Equipose
Week 8 - 12 125mg Test Propionate EOD
Week 8 - 12 50mg Winstrol
Week 8 - 12 0.5mg Arimidex EOD (If it hasn't been started due to early sides)

PCT (3 days after last shot)
10 days of HCG at 350UI ED
Week 2 - 4 40mg Nolvadex ED
Week 4 - 6 20mg Nolvadex ED

Age: 27
Weight: 180 Pounds
BF: 12-15%
Training: 4 Years
Previous cycles: Test E / DBol Cycle

Gain nice solid size, while still looking shreded.

I have done my fair share of research and figured this was the ideal cycle for my goal.

  1. "Equipose is only good for 16-20 plus weeks cycle"
    I've read numerous articles where people reported seeing gains in 10 weeks cycle, and others claiming that you won't see much what's the best way to find out? To try it! Now if your still gonna rebuddle on this point please don't just say "Dont do EQ for 10 weeks your stupid" give me an alternate suggestion and why!

  2. "Why DBol at the beginning?"
    Well.. DBOL IS FUCKING AWESOME! Hehe I have a remainder left from my past cycle figured I'd use it as a Kickstarter for this cycle probably won't make it to 4 weeks but figured I'd run it till I ran out. Now this I did just because I have some laying around and I love the DBOL pump, gains, pretty much all about it. If you guys have a reason to advise this other than "you shouldn't run 2 orals in a cycle" please let me know! I most probably will alternate the dosage/length of time depending on how much I have left might even do 2 weeks just to really kick it off.

I'm always open to suggestions please feel free but don't be the typical jackass, write facts not broscience when you respond.

Am I over complicating a cycle? Should I just run a Test Prop/Winny cycle?


Eq has realy Long ester… Wait longer before doing pct


Forget it i missread about your pct