Test Cyp, EQ, & Dbol Cycle

Test Cyp - 250 mg 1 x a week
Equipoise - 250 mg 1 x a week
Dbol - 25 mg before bed everyday
Arimidex - 1/2 mg before bed every other day

Seems like a low dose of test to me. thats more like a TRT dose. I would like you would want 400-500 a week.

Can’t comment on anabolic effectiveness of that.

Arimidex looks OK, but if you are an anastrozole over-responder your E2 will crash and no way to know in advance. If that happens, stop AI for 6 days and resume at 1/4th the expected dose.

Your testes will be shutdown. Can you restart your HPTA?

Do not start a cycle until you have PCT understood, planned and sourced with goods in hand!

Also read this carefully:

You will not do very well injecting once a week. Inject at least twice a week. If you do not, T levels will peak and crash and the steady adex will be wrong as adex is a competitive drug that needs to match serum T levels. You would add E2 crash effects to dropping T level effects. With TRT guys I often suggest T twice a week with anastrozole dosed at the time of injections so T and anastrozole levels will rise and fall together providing some measure of balance. We do know what works and what sucks at the TRT forum.

Some definitions in the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky in the TRT forum.