Test Cyp + EQ Cycle PCT Question

Sup guys,

Just finished a 14 week of Cyp 400/wk and EQ 500/wk. I didnt really see much from the cycle. Im not a total newb, just wondering recommendations for PCT. I have clomid and letro on hand as well as HCGenerate and Forged. what should my dosage be for clomid?

how long should i wait to cycle again since i didnt experience any shutdown whatsoever. personally i dont think id ever do another cyp/eq again… i think ill roll back to tren where i tend to see more results.

You ran close to a gram of AAS a week for 14 weeks and didn’t see much?


Did injecting all that bath water hurt?

sounds to me like either

-shit gear
-shit training
-shit diet

or a combination of the three. As for PCT, I dunno why people use bullshit supps like Forged or hCGenerate. Over-the-counter sutff isn’t going to work. Just stick with the clomid.