Test Cyp/Deca and Test Prop/Tren Cycle

Hey gents! So i have a few questions. I am used to running Cypionate and Deca. I just received my new gear of Test Prop and Tren. I currently have enough Cypionate for 2cc a week since I am TRT Therapy. What I have total at the moment:
1 - 10ml vial of DECA @ 300mg/cc
1 - 5ml vial of DECA @ 200mg/cc
2 - 10ml vials of Test Prop @ 100mg/cc
2 - 10ml vials of Tren A

I have Arimidex, Nolvadex, and HCG on hand for PCT.

What do you guys think would be the optimum way to run the gear for optimum results?

You mention TRT but then mention PCT…

If the cyp is 250mg/ml then 2cc per week is more than a TRT dose…

HCG should be ran throughout a cycle or “TRT”…

Adex at 0.5 eod with test at 500mg per week.

I don’t like it when people put together a random collection of gear with no planning.

Option 1 = Stick to your 2cc a week of cyp (which i presume is 250mg per ml)until you know what you are doing.

Option 2 = Add in Tren ace at 100mg eod

Option 3 = Switch from Test e to Test P, Add in Tren Ace - If your diet is on point and you have low BF this will maybe drop a little water retention…

Strange post… Sounds like you need to do more research and put a plan in place.

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So my cypionate is 200mg/cc. I am prescribed 1cc every 3-4 days. Which is why I mentioned TRT. I run HCG Nolvadex and Arimidex throughout as well. I wanted to add DECA either in the beginning or the end. Didn’t know if it was better to run test prop and Tren A before or after the Cyp and DECA.

do you live in the US? I’ve never, ever heard of anyone in the US being prescribed that high of a dose for TRT. That puts you well above normal ranges, without a doubt. Your doctor is nuts.

I think you misunderstood Andy’s PCT comment. If you are on TRT, you do NOT run a PCT. Ever. You just inject testosterone forever. PCT is for recovering natural testosterone production. This is not your goal.

That’s barely any deca. Deca should be run at least 12 weeks in my opinion, and generally at 500mg or higher. You only have enough for like 6-8 weeks, depending on dose. Deca is a long ester. At the very least, you want to run the deca first, not at the end of your cycle, because it takes so long to kick in.

You also didn’t say the concentration of the tren A, so I have no idea how much you have of that. If the concentration is 100mg/cc, then you’ve only got enough to run, say 300mg per week for 7ish weeks.

Poor planning. This is dumb.


you don’t need BOTH Nolva and Adex at the same time. Pick one.

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And preferably use the AI (Adex) on cycle as apposed to a SERM (Nolva)