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Test Cyp Cycle Need Assurance **


Hey guys, I cant believe im finally at this stage where i can consider this =) i wanna do a 10-12 week cycle of test cyp:
i am 6'2 185 about 11-12 percent body fat and i am 23 i have been lifting for about 6 years on and off i do alot of research and i am taking this very seriously.

i have done pro hormones before but decided it is a waste of time and money.

i would take arimidex .25-.5 per day for the entire cycle, which amount is better to be on the safe side ?

after my cycle i would take clomid 3 weeks after my cycle as follows
1st day-300 mg split up 150 am 150 pm
2nd day to 8th day 200 split up 100mg am and 100 mg pm
9th day to 16th day- 100 mg in am
then if any is left 50 mg in the am

multi vits everyday

milk thistle 1000 mg a day

Solaray Kidney Blend SP-6

i would lift 4-5 days a week depending on my split

my diet would consist of 1.5 grams of protein per pound (clean protein )

my carbs would be 40-50grams in the morning for breakfest and 60 grams pre and post work out i wouldnt be eating carbs other wise to stay on the leaner side.

Since this is my first time im a lil novice, my friends who do it are telling me im over thinking this and ill be fine as long i do every thing the right way.

i am also taking propecia for hair loss as of now, can i continue to take it while on cycle and i do smoke a decent amount of bud. is that allowed while on or should i quit for the time being ?

i need some reinsurance about this idea, if any one had any bad expierences please tell me and if you abuse it please do not comment me on this subject i need advice and suggestions by people who do this right and safe !!!

thanks guys!!!


6 2 185 after anabolic drug use.

Give us a break.

Learn how to eat.

And no I did not read past that line.


You are over thinking and you can continue propecia. You are a bit on the light side but maybe you carry a small amount of bodyfat. If it is good cyp 300mgs should be adequate and no more then 500mgs/week. Good luck and relax and enjoy the cycle, don't think yourself to craziness. You should eat carbs w/ every meal, your doing the cycle to grow right. You can stay the same w/o it. You need to have 5-6 meals with 40-50grams of protien and for you, at your weight, around 60-80 grams of carbs. If you start putting on BF just cut back a bit. But don't sacrifice gains to keep off a little BF.


Do you have any idea what 6 2 185 looks like?

Im 185 in my most recent HUB pic and Im SEVEN inches shorter than this guy. If you take 7-10lbs per inch of height and extrapolate that, guess what it looks like. Comes out to around 5 7 125 lbs. 6 2 185 is emaciated.


i use to be a heavy kid and i lost fat .


Congrats. Now you should focus on learning how to eat properly to gain muscle mass.


ive been doing it correct i just would like to improve it. im here to battle back in forth i just wanted feedback and advice or suggestions from people not have my balls busted .


Wanting to improve your knowledge of nutrition is the right attitude. THere are hundreds of articles here and the beginners forum to ask educated questions.


Dead, listen to Bonez....learn to eat....you're only 23 years old....work, eat, rest. repeat. Listen, your brain isn't even fully developed until your about 26,,,be patient. wait about a dozen years, then think about it. You want a family? Look,,,please just double your protein intake, do 5/3/1, be patient. You want to know how Bones got those arms? you want to know how X got that chest and shoulders?? work, eat, rest. repeat.

IF you decide to get TESTED for low T, and you ARE low T, then maybe you will get some advice other than....work, eat, rest. But until then......


5/3/1 ? and i bust my ass and feel like im not getting any results and i know im doing it right. is there anything else you can advise me besides what i am doing now and i lost the weight on purpose to cut up. but putting on mass is very hard for me =( .


learn how to use the search button and it will be yout best friend. type in 5/3/1 and youll get more than you ever wanted on 5/3/1. want nutrition....type in diet for mass. i wasted almost my whole sunday searching shit up


If you have a hard time putting on weight, why did you describe yourself as overwieght? Your body will absorb the calories but you either aren't eating enough, sleeping enough, or working out properly. Steriods won't help any other. When you are 220 come back and talk.


Mark Ripptoe in his excellent book Starting Strength recommend drinking a gallon of milk a day to gain mass. Most people won't do the hard simple stuff.

OP, how many calories do you eat a day? 3000 or more? I eat about 3000, and my weight holds at 235.

gotta go. DWTS is on...season finally....wife likes it,,,so I do to.