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Test Cyp Cycle and Anavar

I’m running a test c cycle and I’m trying to figure out a good dosage on Anavor and if I should take it

Test cyp 1-12 weeks 400mg
Lgd4033 1-12 weeks 5mg
Arimidex 1-12 weeks .25 e3d
N2guard 1-16 weeks
Hcg 1-12 weeks
Nolva 14-16 weeks for pct with then2 guard
Is that a good cycle and when should I start taking the Anavor?

take the anavar whenever you want to. 4-6 weeks at the beginning or end. 50mg/day.

Ok thanks bro how is the rest of my cycle looking this is my 2 nd cycle the first one I did was only 8 weeks and I didn’t do that much of a pct but this time I wanna do it right

If I started taking Anavor at week ten of my test cyp and I’m only doing a 12 week cycle of test cyp. Can I take my pct with Anavor or wait until I’m done with my Anavor I’m running Anavor for 6 weeks

i wouldn’t take anavar in a cycle with a SARM. they both strongly bind to the AR, but don’t have a lot of androgenic effects, good or bad…

and no, you can’t fucking take anavar in PCT.

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you can’t take anavar with your PCT, and you reallllllllly shouldn’t take anavar for 4 weeks after you’ve stopped the test. don’t do that. start the anavar earlier, or save it for another cycle. please don’t be stupid. please. please. please.

Ok I won’t take it with my pct. can I just stay doing the test cyp for a couple more weeks and stack them both then stop for two weeks then take my pct?

yes that will work. you could run the anavar the entire week after you take your last shot, as it will clear your system quickly. I would stop after that.

Ok cool thanks a lot for the info that’s what I’m gonna do then. What is like the max to run a cycle of test cyp like 15 weeks