Test Cyp Converts More to E2 vs Test E?

Is it just me or does test CYP convert to E2 more than test E?

Test is test. It converts equally either it’s prop or enan or decanoate. The difference is just the length of ester. One will start working faster other one will take more time. But if you will put 250 of test prop and 250mg of test enanth they will convert equally. There is absolutely no difference. If someone is telling that he has more water retention from one ester then from others it’s based on his personal feelings and has nothing to do with the real facts. And the reality is so if you will put the only test without mixing it with other steroids plus you will be keeping the same diet and to the same workout program you will get the same results if the dosage mg per mg will be the same no matter what ester. Meanwhile, if you will do all the time bloodwork you will understand what I’m talking about. The difference will be only the timings. From short ester, you will get results faster than from the long one.

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Thanks for the heads up mate,
I’ll switch to cyp as my enanthate is running out,
If that’s you in the avatar well done you got amazing physique, I’m trying to gain some size my self have just started implementing some training techniques from Milos Sarcev, giant sets and intra workout nutrition, it’s only been couple days but definitely can feel a difference,
If you have any tips for gaining size well staying Relatively leanwould be appreciated ?