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Test Cyp Breathing Issues


I started taking 200 mg of test cyp in February. I didn't notice any breathing issues for a little while then suddenly I realized that it's hard to take a full breath. Two co-workers are on it as well and have also reported the same symptom.

Any ideas on how to correct the issue or at least help it out? I didn't really see a search function on the site, so I apologize if this has been posted before. I read elsewhere that it might be due to a high red blood cell count. Any ideas?


get blood work done and report back with the results


Go to the doc and tell him exactly what you've done and get fully checked out. It could be a lot more things than dodgy bloods.


Forgot to mention, I stopped by the FD and had them check my blood pressure and it was good.


and sudden weight gain?


Just from muscle gain.


I suppose it isn't that important. Still no trip to the doc huh?