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Test Cyp Availability?


Tried to go get a refill for my test cyp today at my local CVS - they told me the mfg is out and doesn't know when they will have more. I've been getting Watson brand. Anyone else seen this? I had to have them order the name brand and pay full retail, which is over $150. I can get it cheaper at the gym! Granted, it isn't pharm grade, but still...


If you have a prescription you can get it cheap at www.healthwarehouse.com

They require a little bit of hoop-jumping to make sure your scrip is legit, though not too much. And, they are based in the US so there is nothing illegal about ordering from them. A 10ml 100mg/mL vial is $55. A lot better than $150!

Also you can have refills transferred from your pharmacy to them.


My local compounding pharmacy carries an off brand made by Paddock Laboratories, Inc. I paid $ 75.00 for a 10 mL viral of 200mg/mL. I Googled it and it is a reputable company. I've been on 200mg a week for the past month and feel GREAT!


I picked up a vial of Watsons from Costco just a couple weeks ago. It was $55 before insurance, $10 with it!


Yeah it's usually $5 with my insurance, but they don't cover name-brand. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow. I just thought it was weird that the mfg said they were "out" and didn't know when they would have more. I guess I could have asked them to call another pharmacy in town and transfer the script...too late now I suppose.


Update on this: now they can "only" get the 1ml vial, not the 10ml. I'm looking for a new pharmacy!


I got Watson Test cyp from Costco just a few months ago with no problems. About to run out though so hopefully still no issues!


when I went to get mine filled, I got the same story here from two different pharmacies. Unfortunately, it was confirmed by a friend who is a Pharm D in Alabama. Shortage from Watson. I go to a compounding pharmacy near the house, and they only had those stupid 1mL vials from Paddock Labs. Those things suck...it says it is 1mL which I'm sure it is, but that is ALL it is. Since I do .4mL's 2x/week, the second injection takes a bit of vial manipulation to get that last drop or two out without getting a lot of air. Then they expect me to suck .2mL's out of it for the next round, etc, etc...it is absolutely maddening!

If you guys can, avoid those 1ml vials like the plague!!


actually, guys, I just found this info too: