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Test Cyp and Winny Cycle

Running my third cycle. First two were test only cycles with fantastic results.

Stats are as follows:
29 year old male
180 lbs
10% Bf
Have my Masters degree in sports science and have been lifting religiously since I was 14.

Cycle is as follows:
Weeks 1 - 12:
Test C 500mg pinning Monday morning and Thursday evening
Weeks 6 - 12
Winstrol (oral) 50mg a day

Weeks 14 - 18:
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50

Arimadex as needed weeks 1 - 12: starting at .5 mg eod and judging best route based on water retention.

Tudca 250mg ED
NAC 600mg ED
CoQ10 (for BP and cholesterol issues) 300mg ED
Milk Thistle 500mg ED

Looking to gainer some moderate strength while also leaning out. Diet is on point. No drinking. Plenty of sleep (hopefully).

Just looking for thoughts, suggestions, recommendations. Anything is appreciated! Thanks!

Winstrol is great for guys who are about to step on stage. For everyone else who’s adding it to their stack it’s simply not the best available option. It trashes your lipids, causes joint pain, and is murder on a lot of guys’ hairlines. You could swap out Anavar in place of winstrol in almost any gym rat’s stack and they’d be better off. The reason it’s used so infrequently is the price. It’s stupid expensive and a lot of guys figure that it’s kind of the same ballpark as winstrol. But my body felt amazing on anavar. Cholesterol stayed in range, liver values were only slightly elevated after eight weeks of use, and I added some decent strength and aesthetic gains. If you can get your hands on real var then it’s not even a question. (Unless you’re competing, in which case ignore what I wrote)

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