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Test Cyp and Lab Results?


My doctor sent me a surprise lab order today. I have been using 300mg/week of test cyp instead of his prescribed dose for the last 4 weeks. He is checking the following labs

Tsh, 3rd Generation
T4 Free
T3 Free
Magnesium, Rbc
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

Will the extra Test even skew any of these values?


The Magnesium, Rbc is the only one that worries me. Being on one line like that does it mean Magnesium and Red Blood Count? would Red Blood Count be elevated from the additional test


It will increase the RBC to a small amount, since 300mg/week is well above the physiological limit. I remember reading somewhere that AAS interfere with TBG (thyroxin binding globulin) in a way I don't recall.


dont pin for a week, then send it back in? half life would drop you down closer to the levels you should be at, shouldnt it?


Yes, I could get back down in a week or so. I wasn't sure if the extra test would influence the other levels. He isn't even checking test this time, we got that pretty well figured out. Could I get away without even dropping down?


Your RBC will likely be slightly elevated, though that shouldn't matter a whole lot unless you were borderline high anyway and now your doc thinks its too high.

The thyroid values will be slightly influenced, but probably for the better unless you have a poorly functioning hormone feedback loop (which is possible since you are on TRT). Though I certainly wouldn't sweat it.

If things come back out of whack, just knock your T dose down for a little while and retest. Blame it on stress.

Vit D and Magnesium won't be affected.


btw, your doctor seems to be intelligent on hormones (checking Free T3, RBC, Vit D, etc.). Don't screw up that relationship--it seems that you have a good one on your side, which is rare with TRT.

This is assuming he is also testing E2, DHT, etc. at other times.


Yes we got the T, Free T, E2, DHT all squared away already. I'm taking Armour and trying to get the dose right. Is it good enough to take a week off from pinning, go test, then get back to it?




If youre worried about RBC you can drop the dose a bit and donate some blood. That will help.


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300 is triple my normal dose, but I'm glad to hear you wouldn't even lower the dose. I am gonna just take the test and see what comes up. Hopefully that Vitamin d comes up finally. Do you guys recommend a brand of vitamin d? I have been using Biotics 10,000 iu per day and i was still around 45 last test.


Is it the Biotics emulsified drops or whatever? 10k iu/day of that took me into the high 80's. I've since cut back to 6k and coasting with that.


How long after a cycle are other levels out of whack? doc just ordered a full set of test, going to look at everything from CBC, C reactive protein, Thyroid panel, testosterone, etc. I went back to TRT dosing 2 weeks ago. How long do I need to wait to make these tests worth while?


should i consider telling the doctor that i messed around with a mail order prohormone for the last 6 weeks or something like that so he give me some time to wait before testing? Maybe consider telling him exactly what I did?


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I dropped back down to my normal 100 mg/week last week. If I wait 2 more weeks (3 weeks total) back on my normal dosage should things be back to normal? How long does estradiol and rbc take to go back to normal?


I really dont want to tell him the truth. unless it is my only option.