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Test Cyp and Equipoise Cycle


hey all. im 5'9 174lbs 12.3% bf. been training for 5 years now, and this is going to be my 5th cycle, as well as my longest. im thinking of running a 12 or 16 week cycle consisting of test(500mg/week) and eq(400mg/weekk)with nolva 10mg ed and 40mg if i still for some reason see gyno symptoms. My specific goals are to decrease bodyfat by 3 or more percent, as well as increase my bench to 405 from 305, deadlift to 550 from 405, and squat to 405 from 365. i was wondering if:
-considering my goals, would this be the ideal cycle? if not, what would you recommend

-hcg would be needed during the cycle, and if so, at what point?

-)what would be a good pct from this cycle? im just coming off a tren only cycle(please never do that) which shut me down completely AFTER a 3 week 10mg nolva pct, and i want to avoid being shut down that hard again

-would clen or winstrol in the last 5-6 weeks b4 pct be necessary? or should this cycle be enough as it is to shed some bodyfat? im not looking for the vascular abs, just visible, or barely visible without a flex.