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Test Cyp and Eq Advice Please

HI all,

Im sure you all get p****d when teenagers post on here, but i would like to think my circumstances are different.


training 3 years
5ft 11"


monday - am 20min run … pm Legs
tuesday - chest and tri’s + 10mins HIIT
Wednesday - rest or spiinning (cycling)
thursday - back and bi’s and calves
friday - shoulders + HIIT 10mins
Saturday - whole body

if you wish for my diet i will be happy to post it

in the past ive done a anavar cycle 8weeks max dose 100mg running cycle assist for whole 8weeks

Im looking to compete next year as this is my passion and so for my ext cycle i am thinking test cyp weeks 1-8 500mg p/w
boldebolin (EQ) weeks 1-12 500mg p/w
winstrol weeks 7-12 50mg e.o.d
test prop weeks 9-12 100mg e.o.d

not to say i will have arimidex to hand at 1mg e.o.d


week 1 … HCG 350IU/ed
week 2 … HCG 350IU/ed (the first 3 days of the week only)

week 2-5 Nolva 40/40/20/20

what do you all think about this ?? please dont just pass negative feedback and i know most of you wont advise this but no-one goes into a competition to loose. RISK TO REWARD …

Thanks In advance

Way too young. What do you compete in?

your hcg is all wrong. 250iu two or three times a week is standard

thanks for the reply both, much appreciated.

ill take the HCG comment into much consideration

‘Ibraga’ im going to be entering 2 fitness model competitions next year. not a bodybuilding one as i prefer the fitness physique.

admittedly i do actually have the products to hand but am still contemplating it

thanks for the quick replies both , ill take the HCG dosing into consideration

as for competitions they are 2 different fitness model ones.

Admittedly i do currently have the products to hand but can can pass them back over to my source, however im still deciding this ,

SO more help welcome :slight_smile:

Honestly there are some big risks to what you’re doing and I remember being 18 (I’m in my 20’s now) and wanting to do gear really fuckin bad but I didn’t do it and well, I didn’t have the balls to do. You’ve already decided to do it so the best we can do here is help you not have a bad experience.

Your Saturday “Whole Body” after a day of back/bis/calves and another of shoulders seems to me like overtraining and possibly dangerous on your shoulders and rotator cuffs. I know mine would be hurtin’ if I tried that split for a week.

Edit: Are you gonna be dieting or switching your training for the competition?

again much appreciated Ibraga

I do understand the implications but anyone of us could die any day, and so if you want to do something the way i see it - go ahead (yes it may not be the best outlook) but ive learnt not to regret things and the best way to learn is to fail. saying this my mind is not 100% fixed, i am just doing the last bit of research and getting real views off people.

as for the whole body - yes , its pretty intense, all the major compound lifts, to be honest though if i do feel shattered from the past few days i wont go all out … and may just incorporate some light cardio. I HAVE to get my gym fix haha

for pre comp - yes of course, diet being the main thing ill drop my carbs abit and up the cardio, will give carb cycling a shot but i want to stay fairly lean 10-12% in due coarse so that not too much is needed at the time

Your hcg should be run on cycle and stopped before pct not used for pct

okay great thanks BUDs - what do you think of the rest … all okay ?

When were you planning on starting pct?

as i would be on test prop at the end of the cycle (start with cyp but switch for last month), i would start the PCT 3 days after my last injection. i have not started the course itself yet though

Is it just me or does it feel like more and more teenagers are posting about using AAS? High School must be getting pretty competitive these days.

Well with EQ you want to start pct 3 weeks after last injection, so either run the test longer or cut the EQ short even though that’s not optimal. With prop I would start pct 5-6 days after last injection.

[quote]SuperHuman25 wrote:
Is it just me or does it feel like more and more teenagers are posting about using AAS? High School must be getting pretty competitive these days. [/quote]

One of the best places to get AAS is high schools unfortunately. AAS runs rampant with the high school kids. In fact, I just steered a 17 year old kid away from AAS that “started injecting whatever his friends were giving him”. Kid had no idea about even alcohol swabbing when injecting, let alone dosage.

Thanks Buds, i will defiantly incorporate that into the cycle (in terms of pct)

As for SupeHuman25, unfortunately yes that’s the case, at least some of us will actually do their research and try to get views of other people too, some of us want to make a career in the industry though. You have to look at the media nowdays too, perceived everywhere is well trained physique, sport teams everyone wants the be the best and looks; again everyone wants to look the best and people look at steroids as an option. i know a kid at 16 did a 12 WEEK CYCLE of DBOL !! the average joe is uneducated and naive.

Thanks for the posts :slight_smile:

“If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying hard enough.”

All the girls be like

@ibraga Haha funny guy :slight_smile: , me personally I’m not doing it for the girls just purly myself - well said though - "Risk to reward’ pal !

This cycle is a risk but life is all about taking risks so , see what happens I suppose

The sad fact is that variables outside of your control, such abdominal symmetry, clavicle/waist/hip ratio, skin tone and face sexiness (basically just genetics) determine who wins fitness comps.

Are you sure you want to risk your health and sexual function for a chance to compete against people who are far more experienced than you? Are you sure you want to risk being on Test replacement for the rest of your life? For what? A shitty fucking trophy and some bragging rights no one will give a fuck about after a week?

The fact is at 18, you just aren’t going to have the hard look of mature musculature that you would need to be competitive in fitness. I used way too young and regret it still. A lifetime of needles awaits me for my foolishness.

The AAS usage is your choice and your choice alone, you know the risks, but think about the ‘rewards’ critically, I’m sure you’ll be dissappointed.

Wait atleast a year and reconsider, trust me there will always be another competition. Besides 90% of young guys that use are doing it for pussy, not athletics, not competition: pussy. The other 10% of course, are liars. If you are doing this to get laid, hit the books, not the juice, college is literally one giant fuck fest. Get some scholarships and live on campus and all the pussy shall be yours.


Thanks PTD,

i realize the genetic factors and well a person can only do as good as they can and reach their genetic potential and hopefully that is good enough.

i have to admit though they are some good points and questions raised there and ill have to think abit about them.

as you admitted to using them young i suppose its good to hear from someone in this position.

As for the competition, i guarantee this is the only reason i would d it , yes, girls are a benefit but not the reason for doing it. i’m in full time work and so i concentrate all my time on my training etc as at this point in time is what matters the most.

so as far as the cycle goes i would be willing however your points have made me reflect. i think that i would be able to run a cycle maturely - but irreversible side effects are a turn off.

Thanks again