Test Cyp and Deca in Same Shot?

this is not my first cycle but will be first time i stack 2 injectables so i was
wondering if if can take the test and deca in the same shot?
and if i should still run 500 a week of test,my test base line is low 205 which SUCKS.
10 week cycle…thax

Why don’t you layout exactly how your cycle will be. It will help the vets better understand what you are purposing.

Both Test and Deca are oil based, so yes you can put them in the same shot.

10 weeks of test cyp at 500 a week
and i was thinking 8 weeks of deca at 300,but open to changes
4 weeks of pct

I just happen to be on a 500/300 test deca cycle. Everything’s going well except deca makes my back break out, unlike EQ. At least it’s winter so barely anyone sees it!