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Test Cyp and Clen Cycle Advice

Posting this for a friend.

He plans to take blood test before, during, after. Diet/training are squared away.

Week 1-14: 2iu GH ed
Test cyp @200mg E3d

Week 1-6 and Week 8-14: .2mcg Clen (2days on, 1 day off)
Every 3rd week (3, 6, 11, 14) Benadryl @50mg before bed

Weeks 1-16: Letro @ .1mg ed

Week 17-23: Clomid @10mg ed
Nolva @10mg ed

Open to constructive criticism.
The Clen dosing protocol was based on information I read in the Shadow Pro Q&A threads.

Anyone have input?