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Test Cyp and Boldenone for First Cycle

Hello everyone, I’m glad that I found this website through FB. I read few of the topics and really helped me a lot. So thanks again. Now coming to the point,
I’m gonna start my first cycle within a couple of hours. I’m 28yrs old male, Height: 5’10" and weight is 69 kgs. I’m from India and by profession I’m a software engineer.
My cycle will include: 300mg testosterone cypionate and 250mg Boldenone. My trainer told me to take those at a same time. I mean, “take a min 2ml syringe of IM, combine both of the steroids (1ml+1ml) and push it, no need to take those separately”.
1.Is this fine to combine both in a single syringe?
Also, he said after 15 days he will decide whether to give me AI during cycle or only during PCT (I guess, that’s the term, post cycle therapy).
2. Else guide me here if that’s not the correct one. :slight_smile:

By God’s grace, I got a good genetics where I have a sharp and well defined jawline.
3. Will it disappear during the cycle?
4. And when do I start seeing water retention and the soft puffy look? I mean right after the first injection or like after 3-4 weeks?
5. I did my blood test, heart, liver all are good. Do I need any liver protection during the cycle? I read it somewhere in the internet.
6. I really wish to have a fitness model like physique. I don’t know whether I can be atleast 10% of that… So in this regard I need you people’s suggestions.
I know I asked a lot being a beginner that may disturb you but I couldn’t help. Apologies.
Please give me a complete guidance including my above questions… I asked too much.
Once again sorry for that…


  1. Yes
  2. What?
  3. Maybe, some get moon face
  4. 3-5 weeks
  5. No orals so you should be fine
  6. Post pics… you’re awful light in weight at your height to be running a cycle, what’s your training experience?

Hi, thanks for your replies. I really appreciate.
Actually I used to weigh 74kgs with 178-79 cm. But after I joined swimming classes I started to get shredded and few months back had a viral due to which I lost 10kgs…now fully recovered and feeling good too. But yes, I’m underweight now.
One more reason may be, I was not taking carbs as someone told me to be on high protein and low carb diet. I know I did so many mistakes, so I came here in this forum. :slight_smile:
Regarding the above post, how can I remove moon face after cycle or during cycle? I wanna have a good physique as well as don’t wanna lose my fatless sharp jawline forever which I got from my parents.
Regarding diet, high protein and low carb diet shall I continue or do I increase carb?
Thanks again

Control your E2 as best you can to avoid that bloated moon face look.